A little known fact about dog hair

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  1. mstang67chic

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    Urgent Notice: Potential Danger of Dog Hair.....

    In a press release today, the National Institute of Health has announced the
    discovery of a potentially dangerous substance in the hair of dogs. This
    substance, called "amobacter caninii" has been linked with the following
    symptoms in females: Reluctance to cook, clean or do housework. Reluctance
    to wear make-up, good clothes or high heels. Reluctance to spend money on
    home or car repairs until after 'Baby' has new collars, leashes, beds,
    treats, food, blankets or toys.

    "Amobacter caninii" usually results in long hours away from home and
    exhaustion which may lead to a loss of physical contact with other humans
    (especially husbands and boyfriends). "Amobacter caninii" is thought to be
    addictive, driving the need for additional sources - this may lead to a
    "pack mentality" or like the potato chip commercial, "you can't have just
    one". Beware! If you come in contact with a female human infected by this
    substance, be prepared to talk about dogs for hours. Additional symptom is a
    lack of motivation to seek a cure. Full recovery is rare and if cured,
    serious side-effects may result.

    Surgeon General's Warning: Dogs are expensive, addictive, and may impair the
    ability to use common sense.
  2. flutterby

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    Yep. A large part of conversations with difficult child 2's mom is about dogs. :D
  3. donna723

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    OMG! They're talking about ME!!!!!
  4. KTMom91

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    I don't believe it. Nope. Not true at all.

    Come here, Mama's Buddy. What a good boy. Must pet the terrier sitting on my lap.

    I would have a second terrier, but Buddy prefers being an only child.
  5. flutterby

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    This said after I spent $30 on a mineral mix to add to Jewel's new lamb and rice food because she wouldn't eat the food without it.

    She was so happy and making little piggy noises while wolfing it down. :D
  6. klmno

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    That's the problem!!!!

    Piggy noises, Heather?? I thought mine was the only one who "broke species". LOL! She purrs like a cat.
  7. donna723

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    I've got one who snorts, grunts, burps, snores, farts, and makes a noise like she's clearing her sinuses ... not sure what 'species' that is though. It's almost like having a man around, but she doesn't hog the remote! ;)
  8. flutterby

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  9. muttmeister

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    So that's what's wrong with me. But I don't want to be cured.
  10. susiestar

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    This is all a myth. It was put out by some man who got upset that the woman he lives with started to deman he be as nice as the dog. She stopped paying for his online war game so she could put the dog into classes and get some clothes that matched the dogs so she wouldn't embarrass the dog at the Mommy and Me run at the dog park.

    The man was just jealous.
  11. flutterby

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  12. klmno

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  13. klmno

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    Star's DF maybe??
  14. mstang67chic

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    Although, I do believe that Star's DF has brought home a dog or two himself.
  15. hearts and roses

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    Well, no wonder! That explains everything now!:D
  16. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I gots inooculateddd. :tongue:

    -Oh and FYI - HE is the one that brought home that last little batch of crumb snatchers. He went OUT on a country road with Dude because Dude heard whining at night when he was riding his bike and they BOTH went back the next day with jugs of water and kibble and called for them.......




    DID IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII bring home 3 little furry poopers???????????


    I just happened to open the VAN door and Star (the pit bull) climbed in because she smelled BoJangles chicken and we ACCIDENTALLY took her home......ACCIDENTALLY......I had NO idea she was IN THE VAN. ;):tongue:

    currently I'm not trying to catch the kitty out by the trash dumpster.

    cause I have innoccculation.

  17. mstang67chic

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    After the story you told me this morning, I'm currently trying to picture a kitty around Pootie, Casper and company. Pootie...I can see her trying to play like she did with doctor. (How IS he by the way?)


    hee . hee hee.


  18. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    LOL I don't wanna be cured either. :D
  19. mrscatinthehat

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    Keep the cure away. I will stay infected with this one.
  20. KTMom91

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    I wish Hubby would be inoculated. In our 10 year marriage, he's brought home several dogs, numerous kittens (that we've had to bottle feed), a woodpecker, a turtle, a California king snake, and he almost caught a wild turkey...but the absolute worst was the bat.