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So....just found out that my 16 year old son (with conduct disorder) has been cross dressing. And possibly having sexual encounters with boys his age at the park. Anyone else dealing with over sexualized behavior? I know he's a teen but this is much more than being a teen. I don't care if he's straight, gay, bi or transgender, but I do care if he's breaking the law and my rules (stealing my underwear, sisters jewelry) and public indecent exposure.
Is this behavior common with conduct disorder or something separate? I'm at a loss. I'm semi new to all this. I could tell he was embarrassed when I addressed the stolen jewelry with him. I approached it from the "you're not supposed to take things without getting permission" angle. dont have concrete proof about the sexual
activity in the park. Just more a gut feeling due to some things that have happened. Probably will have a discussion about appropriate sexual activity without actually mentioning the park. More like...since you are getting older I think it's good for us to have another discussion about safe sex
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I don't have experience with this, but as a high school teacher who sees students who struggle with gender issues, you seem to have a good approach of acceptance for who his is or might be, balanced with concern for illegal or dangerous behavior. I would imagine there are support groups online for parents of children struggling with these issues. Sending positive energy.


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The two are separate issues but his behavioral problems and lack of sound judgement will impact everything he does including this. Talking to him about your expectations in this area as regards house rules stealing Etc sounds like a great plan.

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I'd be most concerned about sexual activity in the park. What if there are older men involved? Definitely have some safety talks with him. You could have him purchase his own clothing so that he isn't stealing anyone else's. Maybe now that you know, he will feel more comfortable talking about it.


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Thank you everyone for your support. I spoke with him and...he laughed it off. So...

I also had to address him texting about his "plug" which turns out is slang for drug dealer

Raising this child has been educational