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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by lonelyroad, Apr 4, 2012.

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    Typically when my daughter has an "episode", they last about 10 days...this one has been longest yet, we are on day 17, not that I am counting, but last night she seemed better, iniating conversations, listening to her fave music, One Direction" and she SANG IN THE SHOWER!!! Such a beautiful sound that we haven't heard in a long time...
    She isn't saying that she's not going back to class, but when, a positive sign..

    Big meeting at her school, first social worker with my daughter, then social worker with teacher, principal, VP and resource teacher to see how to help her better thru these times.

    My feeling is they are counting the weeks til she is no longer there, and that is about 11......

    Hopefully the meetings will go well and I think she my go to class next Tuesday, I hope she will try tomorrow...
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    What is she diagnosed with? Is she on any medications? I can't remember what you've posted before. Is she bipolar? I ask because you said "usually these episodes last about 10 days". Is this a cycle? Are you keeping track somewhere to see if there's a pattern so you can predict when the next cycle is coming?

    Glad things are turning around. I'm sure it's a much "brighter" day today. Enjoy it!!
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    Glad you got to hear the singing again!