A little talk with teacher and mr sp ed adim today...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Jan 24, 2012.

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    talked to the sp ed teacher today.... she says she is the one who goofed up on the field trip to high school because q was the only one from her class going to that school. well then she said that was not her call... she kept going back and forth.....

    she said that psychiatric going was an admin decision. i said i dont give my permission, i am not comfortable with that... too many incidents with him shoving, grabbing, etc. i said we can go together but I dont want him to go. I am just uncomfortable.

    Problem is she always turns it into a blame thing and tries to make me feel guilty saying things like, it was my fault, i was trying my best etc... I said well there are too many issues all of a sudden and it is just not ok.

    I said this came right on the heels of finding out that admin says Q can't go swimming. She said well we should get taht on the agenda for teh IEP meeting... ARE YOU KIDDING, we said that the last time we met too. So I reminded her it is already on teh agenda and she said well that is something we should talk about as a team. I said, well what were we doing all those other IEP meetings when we all said how great it would be for him to go swimming and when mr sp ed admin was saying that he was arranging it all and we all thought it was great and the last IEP meeting I was told to just get the dr clearance... So, I lost my patience and said... LOOK, we talked about it for several IEP meetings, everyone thought it was great, you told me about it since BEFORE school even started this summer and NOW, if we show up at a meeting and everyone acts like we never talked about it and NO ONE thinks it is a good idea and has "concerns" then it will be very very clear that admin told everyone to lie and say that.

    I was so ticked and she knew it. She has known me for 2.5 years and I have never gotten upset with her so I think she was a little taken aback.

    Well, we left it no tour for now... I said we can wait and see what happens.

    We are going to "talk" about swimming on the 30th.

    OH and by the way, on my way out mr sp ed called me over and said he was going to send me an email. He decided to check about the half day of dismissal thing and he said "YOU were right" So, we have them all documented. And you are right about that.

    ya think??
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    Sometimes you have to wonder if they remember which end the LIES come out of. As I've said before, I can soooooo relate and it is so utterly frustrating. I REALLY wish I could be a fly on the wall when you let the advocate loose on them!!!