A local case of a difficult child going over the top

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    This is the story of a case that is in the local news. There are a couple of things that irritate me about this story. One is that the boy that was charged is 13 and can only be tried as a minor and is from a town of about 2000, so now everyone in town and in the entire area knows his name and he'll be out in no more than 8 years and won't be able to even live in his home town/area without every person looking at him and judging him. Another thing that bothers me is that we don't know what lead up to the shooting, but in the bottom of my heart I'm sure he has some undiagnosed disorders that if they were treated correctly would probably have prevented this horror.
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    Gotta say, that's one good thing around here. I don't know if it's state law or just media policy, but media NEVER reveals the names of minors in such cases.

    The bad news is that here, he'd already be charged AND turned into an adult, AND for some strange reason if he did try to claim "stand your ground" he wouldn't be allowed to because it seems to be only reserved for adults.
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    locally the media usually doesn't release minor's names in criminal cases, but I think since the person who released the minor's name was the state representative the media went with it. I am appalled that someone who is supposed to be a lawmaker would just ignore the fact that this is such a young teen
    He has now been charged with murdering his mother and according to local tv stations they are also looking at charging him with sexually assaulting his mother, too. One more case of why the heck is his name out there.
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    Okay this is going too far, now our local tv station showed his yearbook picture. I am really aggrivated by their (media) handling of such a sensitive case.
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    He's scr*wed for life. But then, he was scr*wed the moment he pulled the trigger. And surely, long before that.
    Totally tragic.