A miracle--is this because of probation or maturity?

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    Yesterday, I texted difficult child and told him he needed to come straight home to do chores b4 going to his first mtng with-his PO (the other mtgs are group mtgs and the first one was downtown right after court, which isn't the same thing). He called me right back, and wanted to go on his girlfriend's bus because she was home sick and he had her math homework. I said no, it was poor planning, he'd have to do it afterward. And I was not going to drive back and forth more than once. There was a lot of noise, and then it quieted down and I asked him why. He said he'd gotten on the bus.
    "Which bus?"
    "D's bus."
    "Oh. So you decided to totally ignore everything I said and use poor planning."
    The line went dead.
    He called back a minute later.
    "Sorry, I accidentally turned off my phone. I'm on my own bus."
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    DO WHAT?! Holy schmoly...