A most amazing day.

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    I am fully expecting a lightning bolt to come straight thru my window and strike me down as I type...

    Not even sure where to post thiis, but I'm sticking it here.

    For starters, on the non-difficult child side, my job has changed - again. Sixth time in 6 months - except this time it is to the position that I wanted and asked for! Its a new position, but I've been working "in that capacity" for 3 months now, and thoroughly enjoying it, so I'm very hopeful that pans out well. I've got 2 documents to write by Monday, now, but hey...that's ok! I'm still excited.

    Wee had an AWESOME day at school today. Did all of his work with absolutley no arguing, even did extra work! Earned extra free time and didn't argue even once about anything. Not once.

    He's entirely self-contained now, but the mainstream class he was in makes extra effort to keep him "connected". They ALL made him birthday cards today and brought them to him. They are wonderful little notes to him from his classmates. Very touching and he recognizes their kindness.

    He gets out of school early, so after he was finished, I took him to his mainstream room to have treats with his classmates. They had a great time and all were excited to see him and visit. It was short, but very positive.

    After school, we had a birthday party in the park. He invited his whole class, plus a few other kids. He had 4 classmates and 5 other kids come. One of the classmates said "I didn't know Wee could be so much fun!"

    Another of the classmates that came (hold your breath) was Mallory. She and Wee were on their best behavior and I was extremely proud of them both (altho there were some moments of SpEd humor at its finest). There was NOT A SINGLE ISSUE between the two, and by the end of the evening, they were co-existing on the same piece of playground equipment without even acknowledging the other's presence. Wee knew by inviting his class that she might come, and he said it was ok...I was very worried and had help close at hand, but it went SO WELL!!! By no means are they friends, but it was still so good.

    It was 65 and sunny. We bbq'ed and they played in the park. I had a ton of candy leftover from the St Pat's parade, so we had a pinata, and every one got a turn to hit it before it broke. There were no fights. The kids had a great time. The adults visited. Wee thanked everyone and truly had an awesome day. He even gave an earnest wave and yelled goodbye to Mallory when she left. I had an awesome day of blissful normalcy, and it was priceless.

    So strike me down. I'll be the happiest corpse you ever did see.
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    My eyes are full of happy tears. I'm so glad Wee had an awesome birthday!
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    Oh I am so glad he had a positive day. He and you, both needed that.
  5. ThreeShadows

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    There's something miraculous about such a great day after the string of bad ones. Good for Wee!
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    Quick! Somebody PINCH her! She MUST be dreaming!!! :bigsmile:

    Oh Happy Day!
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    these are the gifts we collect along the way. A glimpse into the kids our kids can be when their difficulties and disabilities are under check. It's what keeps us warrior moms! Glad the day was such a great one. You all deserved it.

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    Thank you so much for sharing this! It has made me start my day with an incredibly happy feeling! I'm thrilled for Wee and for you! What a great memory to cherish forever! Congrats on your job position!!!!!
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    WOW!!! Totally and completely awesome!!!!!!
  10. totoro

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    You needed this and deserve this. Both of you.

    I am so happy for Wee. I really hope he grasps the day and how special it was. Not so it will disappoint him if it isn't always like this, but so he can see how he can be a part of a nice outcome as well as others. He can be a part of the team.
    I am so happy about the School and your job as well.
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    What a great day! Hold it tight to your heart!