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    Patience is not one of my best quallities. (I guess you all know that by now. LOL!) I have been up for a while impatiently awaiting to hear from state Department of Juvenile Justice about difficult child's length of stay and where he's going and what his rehabilitation focus will be. I called and left another message for the cm there reminding her that family therapy needs to be a part of it.

    Since the judge included mental health treatment on her order and Lord only knows how all this could end up - since there's the dss threat- I decided that if Department of Juvenile Justice doesn't include mental health treatment and family therapy for difficult child, I'm going to document it and send it to GAL, parole office, defense attny, etc. It needs to become obvious to these people that they are the very ones refusing to support the recommendations and go along with them, much less provide them. Furthermore, after the GAL made such an issue in court that I wouldn't address issues, I want it brought out that I have made every effort to get family therapy while difficult child is in a secure environment and before he comes back home to address any issue effecting his functioning at home. So who isn't cooperating?
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    I am sooo sorry you're dealing in this insanity. What an uphill battle you have been fighting. How frustrating it would be to keep trying to tell these people aka "the system" that the sky is blue, having to write reasons why, showing pictures etc. and keep hearing how you're crazy because it's orange. You must be exhausted. I don't know where you get your strength but you are amazing. Love, ML
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    All I wanna know is did you do some gardening this weekend and get to go to dinner for yourself?? :)

    Your doing a great job with this, you know that, keep on chugging along. I'm proud of you as i'm sure the rest of us are, you are a strong strong kick butt mom!!!! :)
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    ;) L E X A P R O ??? A T I V A N ???

    My friend, I know I'm driving you nuts, BUT you can't "get antsy" with the
    system and come out a winner. Your child is one of X hundred boys that these people are trying to move adequately from point A to point B. Your phone calls are not going to hurry up the process. Please make an appointment. with
    a psychiatrist (or someone) and temporarily try an Rx. It can enable you to enjoy the garden, seek employment, write letters, do visits without all the anxiety that is coiled like a snake in your gut. Really. I know. been there done that! DDD