A NAMI volunteer just called!!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by klmno, Jun 19, 2008.

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    Thank you, Smallworld! He said they don't get directly involved once a kid is in the Department of Juvenile Justice system, but he is going to call back with a contact for COPA or something- Virginia's coalition office for protection and advocay, I think. Anyway, he said he is bipolar himself and that I need to make sure that difficult child doesn't get long term sentence or turned over to state dept of corrections. He told me to call the psychiatrist that I have a special consultation scheduled with and see if I can get her to intervene before court next week. Great idea- but I can't imagine her being able to do anything that quickly, even if she was willing to.

    I have been reading through stuff on Va's Commission on Youth website to see if I can find anything helpful. Of course they list reports about how youth in this state need more access to mental health care- before and after becoming involved in the juvenile justice system. I don't see how that can help if we all know that already, but it doesn't provide any more access.
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    WAHOO! I hope it makes a difference.

    The NAMI chapter in my county is very active, which is why I thought to suggest it. I am sending positive vibes your way. Hugs.
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    He called back to give me a couple of phone numbers. We chatted for a bit about the stigma that is still so profound and he told me that our local chapter (that he is VP of) is going to start working with our police force because the police agreed that if they get a call for a disruption and it turns out to be a mental health issue, they should be taking the person to a mental health facility instead of arresting them. (HUH? You mean they don't already know that and aren't doing that already?- No- not unless the policeman knows you personally. HUM) So, I asked if maybe they could squeeze in a class for the cops about what to do if a parent calls about a difficult child.

    Anyway, he gave me his phone number if I ever need his support or a point in the right direction again. Then he asked me to join the local chapter- I guess they are hurting for money.

    Nice guy- seems helpful. I might even call him someday and see if he'd mind talking to difficult child to let him know that BiPolar (BP) kids can grow up and they really don't turn into horrible aliens.
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    It sounds like you have found a good source of information and hopefully help as well. Our NAMI has been very helpful in finding us resources to help our family.
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    I hope it leads to some help!!! Our NAMI here is still pretty clueless about the issues as far as kids...
    Basically Mental Illness does not exist in any child except mine is what I am discovering!!! Here in North Idaho...

    You deserve a break and some help from someone who "gets it" soon!
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    I have a friend who just went through the NAMI bipolar education class and is attending their support group for caregivers and it's been tremendously helpful.
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    It was really nice to talk to him. I didn't have a chance to call the contacts he gave me this morning- actually, I didn't really want to call them and get into the whole story at work. Before work, I was going to call but then juvie called and said they are transferring difficult child to the regional place. That put me in a tizzy because now I will spend 4 hours getting him to and from a therapist appointment on Monday. I know the judge said that she was sending them a memo not to transfer difficult child...oh well.

    SRL- I'm glad to hear that they do that sort of stuff. The man is going to mail me some info- it would be GREAT if they offer something like that here. If we can get a little of this time consuming and stressful stuff behind us, I wouldn't mind volunteering and helping NAMI in any way I can.
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    Four hours-ouch! I hope NAMI turns out to be helpful.
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    National Alliance for Mental Illness (I think). Apparently they do a lot to help educate the public about mental health issues, maybe lobby in Washington (I'm not sure), and kind of point us in the right direction when a person has a mental illness or is a loved one.