A new baby in the home

Pink Elephant

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Ugh. My son did that when I put him to bed if he wasn't asleep already. Third time was a charm...for him. He won that battle and I just rocked him to sleep until he was 2!

Ya think? :p

I guess I missed a question. My son was really little, an ounce under 6 lbs. Littlest baby I'd ever held at the time. He was always 90% for height and 10% for weight. Jabber and I used to joke that our family looked like we ate all the food and didn't give him any. He's still skinny.
Goodness gracious, that is tiny. Did he have chicken legs (super-skinny legs)? Like even when he got older? I had one with chicken-legs. LOL!


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Miss KT was 9 lbs 11 oz.

Funny story - her father and I took a Lamaze class, and there was a delightful couple in there who were absolutely determined to do everything naturally. EVERYTHING. After Miss KT was born, this woman was briefly my roomie in the hospital. She was "oh poor thing" when I said I'd had a C-section...she had given birth NATURALLY to this scrawny little thing, and when they saw Miss KT, huge baby with a full head of hair, she stopped telling me how great NATURAL was.


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Non white babies have tons of hair at birth. Princess, Sonic and Jumper had gorgeous full hair at birth. Bart was pretty bald :)


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KT. Babies that are born with full-crops of hair never fail to amaze me!
My babies all were born with lots of hair.

Everyone though my son was a girl in the early months because he had such beautiful curls.

When my twins were in the newborn nursery, there was a baby with a full dark set of eyebrows. I had never noticed that before on a baby.