A New Day - after the flood

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by therese005us, May 24, 2009.

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    Well, Marguerite suggested I start a new thread, 'cos I'm beyond the initial introductions... does that mean I'm accepted?:D
    We did manage to get out yesterday into the world after three days trapped by flood waters. It was a little hairy, but DD11 just kept the mantra up "we're not bogged" and we finally got through the 1.8km of boggy, watery road.
    DD11 went to dancing and little cherub went a bit later. She had several 'accidents' but managed to tidy herself up and not be disgraced! We keep the wet ones on hand, and plenty of spare clothes. She enjoyed a dance class too, and later joined in with the Majors classes because DD11 was there,and she idolises her. The teacher is very understanding on a Saturday, as she herself has a special child now 16. Our regular weekday teacher also tolerates little cherub, I hasten to add.
    Later in the day we went to help pack someone's house for moving and finally we came home, with a car fool of poopy clothes! I was exhausted...
    Today we had a good day and DD11 took over while I had a nap. It was really lovely to hear the patience in her tone as she kept her occupied and quiet. When I got up they'd tidied and mopped the floors of the mud we've been traipsing in.

    DD11 put together a choreography to a new piece of music and little cherub hastened to put on her dance shoes and copy it. That was so sweet, I wish I'd had a camera rolling!

    Well, I just wanted to share what we did on this blessed Sunday...
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    It sounds like you really had a positive day. That's a good sign. Sorry about te poopy clothes continuing.

    Have you checked out the possibility that this is sensory integration stuff? It might mean a different approach wouldbeneeded, than if it were a physical problem (such as chronic constipation) or some other issue.

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    Hi there,
    Well, I've just finished making a 'story book' of her stay with us. She can take it to school and home again, and we'll update it each time she comes.
    The paediatrician says it is chronic constipation/encopresis and due to this she has lost all nerve endings and sensory. It is her opinion that it will take up to 18 months of positive parenting and consistent routine to come near to fixing. That's my problem really, that she won't get this. I can only do so much during the short spells i have her.
    Mum said last night, "it's been a great break for me!"
    I talked to her about continuing the routine, and little things we do, like when the tummy rumbles, tell her it is because it's telling her to go to the bathroom now... mum says she's tried that, but it never works...
    I talked to her about getting a referral for speech and Occupational Therapist (OT). She said, her speech is fine. I said, okay then. There was a silence, and she said, 'you don't agree with me, do you?' Tactfully, I just said, no, but that's your choice.
    We have tried to give little cherub different exposures, like quiet time with a talking storybook; all different for her. We don't have T.V., but that has not been a problem for her. She doesn't seem to miss it.
    Well, you're still up, what's happening in NSW?
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    Trish it sounds as if you are fostering or providing respite for the 8 yr old. What a kind thing to do.
    Is your son living with you? How is he doing?

    Welcome to our world and glad you joined in.
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    I'm awake and on the computer, but not up.

    It is going to be difficult for you to make much change if you only have her for short periods. All you can do is try to work on the areas you can and hope it's enough to make a difference.

    Can you get access for her at a Community Health Centre? I think that's Federal... you'd be able to get speech pathology for her there, as well as Occupational Therapist (OT).

    What does the paed think is the cause of the chronic constipation? Is it dietary? In which case you might have some impact if you can change her diet at your house and then maybe her demands can follow through at her bio-mum's?

    I hope you find the book a success.

    If you're planning to add to it daily, you might want to consider chapters, or perhaps new instalments. Don't swamp her with it, thought. She will benefit from repetition, too.

    I note you're feeling chatty - why not check out Watercooler? It's where we can just gab about non-difficult child stuff. I'll probably have to sign off soon, I'm having trouble typing on the laptop while in bed, and with this bug coming on, I should shut it down and get some shut-eye.