a new day - going to be a long one



difficult child II was raging all day yesterday and started off right where he left off today. I am thinking a phone call to police is imminent, I am just trying to tell myself I am ready, who could be ready? It is so sad to be afraid of your own child, I don't consider myself a weak person either but I am definatley weary.


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I'm so sorry....:( This is the one who just got kicked out of school for kicking the principal in the head, too, right?

Oh hun. :::hugs:::

Keep us posted!


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Do you have anyone else you can call (docs etc) before you have to call the police? If you are scared then you have to call someone. He doesn't need to be in this state and neither do you!
He needs help it sounds like.

{{{{{Big hugs}}}}}


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I'd take him to ER before I'd call the cops. The cops won't really know what to do either. They often don't understand mental health issues. (((Hugs)))


12 hours in The ER and difficult child II is now hopsitilizied. I took difficult child II to ER at 1PM (my sister who has a masters in social work -spent over 6 hours with us). difficult child II was transported to facility at 1am, my husband and I got home by 3AM, now difficult child II is over a 1/2 an hour away and I am feeling insecure. Visititation is only twice a week today and Wed. I cried all the way home. I just feel like how can this be the answer? I don't trust others easily (I was stalked by someone who then tried to assault me in my home in 2001 with a weapon, but long story short he did go to jail and he did die of cancer) BUt now my baby is in a strange place with strangers, I am trying to have faith but this will be a long week. sniff................

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I'm sorry to hear that difficult child was so unstable & escalated to this level of need. I have to say I've been there done that with both kt & wm so many times it became numbing.

Take this time to recharge.

Be prepared - many times hospitals push a difficult child out quicker than the time it takes for an admit. Sadly, these facilities are equipped to deal solely with an acute situation - once medications are "tweaked" discharge is eminent. Now is the time to push for evaluations, request services (if needed or wanted), school IEP suggestions, etc.

Additionally, the hospital psychiatrist generally goes into hiding; you end up dealing with unit SW. Which is good for some things - not for others. Ask for a meeting with psychiatrist - how much time is going to be spent evaluating difficult child? Ask for a referral to long term treatment if that is deemed necessary.

Passing this along to you as one who's done this so many times I can pretty much do it in my sleep.

Again, I'm sorry for your hurt.


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I'm sorry. I know it's hard. My difficult child actually liked the hospitalizations because the structure there was so good for him. Like Linda said use this time to recharge. Be gentle with yourself. Hugs and prayers being sent your way. :angel: