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  1. Good morning everyone,

    Today is a new day and with it, some new news. At the P-doctor this morning it became official.. difficult child has been officially diagnosis'd with Asperger's. The upside is that difficult child has outgrown his mild tourettes. :whew:
    On the other side of the coin, my husband attended this morning's meeting with the P-doctor and found it to be very enlightening. This is the 2nd time he has attended; with the first being just in the last month. He is noticing how important it is to attend so as to be kept in the loop as to how to deal with difficult child. :thumbsup:

    The P-doctor is referring us to the appropriate agencies/parties to get us the supports we need. He is also checking into getting my difficult child into the proper programs for socialization. So now I'm off to work with a much lighter heart. Let's hope that everyone has a great day without any kerfuffles, meltdowns, or just plain :censored2:.


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    I hope that having a firm diagnosis opens doors for services for all of you. If possible ask his office for a list of places you are referred to because "the squeaky wheel gets the grease!". If you can keep track it might help you get appts on the same day, or within a few days if you have to travel.

    I am so glad your husband is able to see how important being at the psychiatrist appts is. I never could get my husband to realize this. Once in a while he would go to a therapist appointment, but almost never to the psychiatrist. You will all be much happier if you all are on the same page.

    Have a good day!


    ps. What does a "tv smashing" cat do??? My cat likes to WATCH the tv (prefers "Are you being Served?" - the Brit comedy!), but doesn't try to touch it or anything.
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    :bravo: Sounds like you are starting a plan!
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    I'm glad to hear they are working at getting you the support you need. :princess: