a new diagnose of conduct disorder

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    i have a 15 yo nephew who has just been diagnosed with conduct disorder, i'v read what you have here but would appreciate hearing from anyone who can tell us about this, he has been on diagnosed with everything from add to bi-polar to tourettes and on every medication you can imagine. Anything you can tell us would be very helpful
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    CD isn't supposed to be diagnosed until a child is 18. You say he has had every diagnosis. Do you believe anyone really knows what is wrong with him? Would you like to give us some history? Is he currently using drugs or drinking too (that always makes things much worse). Is he in your custody?
    Welcome to the board.
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    Welcome to the board. Clearly you care about your nephew, and in seeking information about Conduct Disorder you'll be better equipped to help your extended family in whatever way you can.

    Can you provide a little more information about your nephew? Often, children are given multiple diagnoses before a clinician will come to a diagnosis of Conduct Disorder. Criteria must have been present for at least six months, for one thing; there must also be an established pattern of behavior, not just one or two incidents.

    However, Conduct Disorder can be diagnosed in children as young as five years old. Researchers have found that identifying children at younger ages allows for appropriate intervention sooner, with the goal of avoiding the entrenchment and escalation of antisocial behaviors.

    While Conduct Disorder is a diagnosis used in childhood and adolescence, Antisocial Personality Disorder is not given as a diagnosis until age 18.

    Your nephew is already 15 and many of his behaviors may be well established. Still, with appropriate intervention he may respond and end up taking a better path. It will take education and energy on the part of his parents, who are probably already very stressed. But kids can and do turn around. Some don't, but it helps the family to have had sound evaluation and advice.

    Our family experience was one of having multiple diagnoses over many years, with very inappropriate treatment approaches that just worsened the situation. I wish, for the sake of my difficult child and everyone in our family, that we had had an honest diagnosis of CD from the beginning.

    For an excellent reference on CD and antisocial traits in children, try Stanton Samenow's 'Before It's Too Late'. You can also google 'DSM IV Conduct Disorder Criteria' or see the archives here ... I believe the criteria are listed here somewhere.

    Best of luck, and I hope you'll feel able to give a little more background so that we can offer more information.
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    Hi Cindy, welcome.
    Did these dxes all come at different times?
    Is he in school? Regular or Special Education?

    Katya's suggestion is a good one.

    We need more spec. info you your nephew, like, what he medications he has tried, how he reacted, what he's on now. Could you create a profile below your name like we have? (I'm very forgetful.:( )

    You sound like a caring, concerned aunt.