A new diagnosis for Kanga???

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    The psychiatric hospital psychiatrist started out talking about changing her diagnosis to schitzoaffective (which it is really obvious is a more true diagnosis than bipolar) and ended up giving her a rule out of DID and ordering testing.

    I am going to be very interested in seeing these test results.
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    Oh dear. My online friend has been doing a rule out of DID for quite some time. His formal diagnosis is Dissociative Disorder, but they are becoming more confident in the DID diagnosis. Therapy is not fun for him at all.

    Keep us posted.
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    What type of therapy do they do for DID?
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    You know, I'm not exactly sure.

    He is working with a psychologist who is doing research into DID. He was very lucky to find him. From the way he explains it, I picture this very serious, harried professor looking kind of guy, with his head down scribbling on a notepad and looking up over his glasses at my friend. LOL

    I do know that the sessions kick up *a lot* of anxiety and sometimes flashbacks. I do know that the psychologist is wanting him to look for signs from one of the other id's. He said this after my friend kept losing his shoes and would find them behind the couch, or his reminder note for his psychiatrist appointment mysteriously disappeared several times, or things rearranged, food missing. He has no memory of these things. He's "awakened" miles from home, days later and has no idea what he did during the time. In fact, with the psychiatrist appointment note (he actually had to call 3 times to find out when the appointment was and write it down, only to have the note disappear), he gave me the time and date and I reminded him. It seemed to be the only way it was going to work.

    He told me once (I'm not going to get this right) that the id's don't make themselves known - they all just kind of glide together effortlessly - until something happens that really shakes that foundation. I do know that I can tell when he's off when we're chatting. It definitely feels like I'm talking to someone else.

    I know he has an appointment today and he hasn't been sleeping well. But, when he's up to it, I'll get more information.

    He also talks a lot about Disorder of Extreme Stress, not otherwise specified (DESNOS). It's not in the DSM as of yet, but that's something else they cover.
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