A New Job for husband!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Mar 16, 2012.

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    husband has been teaching at one of the chain junior colleges for the last few months. HE has had to drive 75 miles each way on the days he teaches and the das when they have mandatory meetings, which of course are NOT days that they have classes. The cost of gas has been eating us alive.

    About a month ago his grad school advisor called the person in charge of the vocational school in our town. they do run the vocational/technical classes for high school kids but they also do a lot of courses for the businesses in our town and nearby towns and for the university. They usually teach faculty and staff from the university when specialized training classes are needed.

    husband is now teaching IN TOWN and getting paid a LOT more per hour than his other job. It probably won't be a lot more cash coming in right at first but he will save over 3 hours of time and all that gas money each month!! Plus he has the opportunity to work this into full time employment, which probably will happen. He has to get his teaching certificate straightened out, which is complicated because he used to have one but then let it lapse when he quite teaching 25 yrs ago. BUT it can be done and I have found the paperwork he needs to submit for it!

    Anyway, this is an AWESOME thing for us!!! It still isn't full time employment, but it will go a lot farther than what we have been surviving on!

    Thanks so much for all the good thoughts and mojo and support!!!
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    Happy dance! doing the happy dance!

    What do I have to do to get into this queue?
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    Yah!! That''s such good news! Congrats to husband!
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    WONDERFUL NEWS!!!! Congrats and huge hug for husband and you! You really deserve this break....thanks for sharing the news.
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    WOOOO HOOOO!!!!! I needed that good news!!!
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    That's excellent news! I hope it becomes a full time thing for him.
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    So thrilled for you guys! It's about time you caught a break! :)

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    That's wonderful news. I'm thrilled for you both. Love, Esther
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    That's great, Susie. A working husband is a wonderful thing. :thumbsup:

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    Congrats to husband!
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    I'm so glad for you and husband! That's a lot of driving.
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    Doing a Happy Dance for you both. Congrats. DDD:hapydancsmil:
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    What wonderful news. Congratulations!
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    We are STUNNED! We expected maybe 1-2 courses a month, 1 section of each course, and each month depends on the business that they have. They are hurting for faculty and have already booked him out through June!! He can pick up a class at the school n the big city if he ever needs to, which would help if they had a slow period. Moving into full time won't be an issue - just have to wait for an opening. Also, these first classes are paying double what we expected and that amounts to a TON more than at the school in the big city. Add that to NO DRIVING expenses and time, and things are looking up and up!
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    Awesome! Wonderful news!

    Congratulations to husband!
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    So happy for you and husband, you deserve all the happiness and abundance!
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    Wonderful news! I'm so happy for you, H and your family! Fingers crossed it turns quickly into a full time gig.
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    FANTASTIC NEWS PROFESSOR~! ( Said in my best Harry Potter voice)

    Way To Go SUsie* - I know you are relieved. I'm happy for you all!
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    Excellent news!!:hapydancsmil: Congratulations to your husband!!:hapydancsmil: So glad the future is looking brighter :D!! SFR