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    There is a family that comes to our shoots that consists of mom, dad, sister, brother, mom's mom, mom's brother and his two daughters, mom's sister, and dad's sister. The 2 kids are 12 (sister) and 15 (brother).

    I generally am the scorekeeper at our shoots - I've learned the software, etc. Last year, the then 14 year old brother sat with me while I kept time. He built the computer that their club uses. He talked about horses or computers. Period. You could not engage that child in any other topic. I later told a friend that kid is an Aspie, I'll put $100 on it.

    (the 12 year old sister is the one cgfg's mom made fun of at the shoot she finally came to. How sad.)

    I've not spent much time around the sister, but she comes across a little blunt, too.

    Anyway, at our last shoot, the boy did some things that are very typical Aspie. We used their computer that day, and he obsessed over someone else touching it. The 'range master' (basically an umpire) was sitting on the rail fence, and he told the range master he can't sit on the fence (spectators can't sit on the fence). He told the announcer he had to wait for the range master to give the signal before announcing if the run was clean or not. I was given an exception and allowed to keep my horse tied inside, near me, so as to not have to walk, while everyone else had to keep theirs outside.

    None of it major. in my humble opinion, all very typical aspie. And he just couldn't accept that these things were going to be ok, and he'd argue and argue.

    My one "gripe", if I were to have one, is that the parents of this boy rarely keep track of him or know where he's at, and while I sympathize with them, its not fair to everyone to let him run about willy-nilly and bother people unchecked. All of these people were doing a job, and having to argue with him about how they were doing it.

    On the other hand, the guy that was the range master sitting on the fence? Was really ticked off by this boy telling him what he could and could not do. He obviously does not understand autism at all, and honestly, his stance was a little stabbing for me. These kids don't get it. Its not that they don't want to. And while I get that this boy is annoying, I also get that he mostly can't help it.

    I found out last night that this boy IS for sure diagnosis'ed with Asperger's. And I was really put off by this guy's intolerance. But I guess it puts us in a prime position for education and to practice some more difficult child skills.
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    without a doubt.... and just goes to show how people don't get it they really dont!!! gfgness is everywhere!! :) he sounds cute though typical aspergers'