A new way to wrap my brain around my kids!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by susiestar, Nov 16, 2007.

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    Using regular parenting, our kids just don't function. The behaviors get out of control. It is like putting regular gas into a chainsaw. It does not work correctly. You have to mix oil with the gas.

    We have to mix other parenting techniques and medications and other stuff WITH our instincts to get the right "fuel" to make our kids able to function.

    I was responding to someone else and this came to mind. It seems like a pretty good way to explain what we are doing. I know if I had used a description like this we might have saved countless amounts of time while husband tried to understand things. And while I did.

    Any thoughts on this perspective?? (Both positive and negative thoughts are welcome. I wondered if it made sense to any of you?)

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    Sure that makes sense! I would love to know some of the techniques you guys use. Please! I feel like I'm constantly waiting for the next crisis. Discipline has been next to impossible for us...she will pull out all the stops...I would love to hear your techniques. So I guess I'm not even to the point of being able to describe how we function...it's just day to day, pray and pray around here.
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    I think it's a fair description of parenting in general.

    Just as there is no one medication for our difficult children, there is no one parenting technique for any of our children, pcs or difficult children.

    It kinda goes back to something I said on Janna's post about knowing your child. You really have to know your kid to the core in order to give them a fighting chance for success. And while parenting our difficult children is the hardest thing we will ever do, parenting in general is like playing roulette - sometimes it a hit and sometimes it's a miss - whether easy child or difficult child.

    That's why it's so important to never be without our :warrior:

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    I think this is a great description Susie. Now if fuel prices weren't so high! : )
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    If the fuel wasn't expensive, my kid wouldn't ever agree to run on it!! LOL!!!

    I just had the explanation pop into my head, am glad to see it made sense for someone else. It seems to put the issues difficult child has into a language his dad and granddad can understand. And most especially language that might make sense to my brother, as he raises his own daughter.