A Piece of Hope Meets A Piece of Reality :)


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Hello all --

I haven't been in this forum for months now and I found myself thinking about you all this morning. Wanted to pop in and say "Hello" and share an update from here.

A few days ago our son celebrated 4 months clean and sober. Honestly, never thought I'd see the day (haven't seen it since he was 11 or 12). He's moved into clean and sober housing (through which he's made several new clean and sober friends), gotten a job (was working warehouse, now working as a "tree guy" -- cutting down trees -- he likes physical work, says it helps him focus), paying off his fines, refurbishing his relationship with all family members --- parents, siblings, extended family, his ex (they're not together, but are amiable now), and his son (nearly 5 yrs old). Still some kinks to work out in there (after years of tarnishing), but he's genuinely working the program on every level.

Honestly, we're shocked. But pleasantly so!

What have I learned? Well, a gazillion things. But, most importantly, I've learned never to limit ANYONE'S potential (including my own!).

Our hopes and realities may never totally overlap. But........they may intersect at times (even extended times) and bring magnificent forgiveness, gratitude and memorable moments!

And that's enough for me today. :)

Our extended family all went to a pro basketball game maybe 10 days ago. As we left our son said, "I can't believe it......... The best night I've had in a long time and......it's with my parents! LOL! Well, we all could not stop laughing, so I asked my son to repeat that on video. He did.........EVIDENCE! LOLOL!

Yes, I know this may not last forever. All the more reason to savor it today! Life isn't a given for any of us. Seize the day!

I sent you all good vibes and wishes for your hopes to meet your realities this week........even if it's only for a few moments to savor.


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What have I learned? Well, a gazillion things. But, most importantly, I've learned never to limit ANYONE'S potential (including my own!).
I have found in all of this that I had very little hope and faith.I see now that those are the very things that will pull me through this, and give me peace and wonder in the rest of my life.

Thank you for sharing your great news, HeadlightsMom.


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What a great post. Having gone through rehab and relapse more times than I care to remember, and knowing so many others who have done the same, I understand how huge this is. What a nice thing to hear from him, that he is enjoying time spent with his family, who I am sure he didn't like very much six months ago. I wish him continued sobriety and a very bright future.