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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Lothlorien, Sep 13, 2008.

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    If your child has seizures, do they also have rages? I know there is some debate, regarding this and all of Missy's neurologists poopoo that idea. It was only this last neuro visit that they wanted to do a portable eeg and try to get one of her rages on the eeg. I refused because I didn't want to pay for the damaged portable eeg machine.

    Rages and seizures....who experiences or not experiences the two together?
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    No one ever documented my difficult child having a seizure. There were very different types of rages though. Some rages he didn't remember later, some he did. I couldn't find any difference in what he did during the rages, just that he truly didn't seem to remember some of them. As far as I know, true rages are a thing of the past for him.

    My difficult child does have migraines. Far fewer of them now, but he still gets them. there is a school of thought that says migraines are caused by some kind of seizure activity. This is why medications like topamax and depakote are sometimes prescribed to prevent migraines. Sorry I am not more help. Wiz has had exactly ONE EEG, so it is quite possible that seizures were missed. Jess has seizures, but she doesn't rage.
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    my son is severely disabled mentally and physically and has grand mall seizures. If anything the seizures wipe him out. I have never seen him rage. My niece was going out with a guy that had episodes of rage. he was on Keppra and Dilantin. I saw a big change in my sons personality after starting the Keppra. (It was definitely the Keppra) He was like angry at the world all of the time but that eventually stopped for him. (Thank god) I remember my niece saying that her boyfriend got that way (Raged) when he was either stressed or not taking his medications on a consistant basis, Its hard to say because my neice was not exactly an easy person to live with. (Allot of fighting going on kind of thing).I can say that I have actually never seen a person raging while having a seizure. Allot of unvoluntary shaking jerky movements going on involving all of the extremities with the rolling of the eyes and clenching of the mouth and fists followed by confusion and tiredness. My son has slept for two hours after a seizure, Depending on what type of seizure it is it can really wipe a person out.
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    My son has seizures but he doesn't have rages.
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    My nephew has seizures... but no rages. He can, however, be difficult. My understanding is that seizures can affect mood & behavior depending on where in the brain they originate.
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    Boo has grand mal seizures that started when he was 10. I suspect he and MIT's son are very similar in terms of abilities, etc. He does not rage at all (thank goodness!). Boo's been on Keppra, Carbatrol (tegretol), and Topamax for years - no difference pre- or post-medications in terms of mood or affect.

    While my only experience with seizures are with Boo, it simply doesn't compute to me at all that thank you's rages could ever have been seizures. He basically had two kinds of rages - one that had a definite precipitator ("no" or whatever, though not always a terribly rational precipitator) and one that was a slow onset where you could see he was building to a full blown flip out but it was impossible to appease or avoid the rage. In my lay person mind, that negated the possibility of a seizure.

    I know seizures can be provoked by stimuli but with thank you it was more social interactions than any concrete stimuli like lights or patterns. (Hope that makes sense ;) ).