A question about fanny medicine....

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  1. DDD

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    I know that rearends are not a usual topic...but...does anyone have a suggestion for easing the discomfort of an extremely uncomfortable anus??? The Doctor has
    prescribed suppositories for easy child/difficult child who is having very frequent stools. The kid
    says "I can't put anything there as it's too sore even on the outside."

    I have suggested using vaseline but perhaps there is an OTC ointment that kills
    the burning/pain on the outside enough to be able to use the Rx. In the CD crew
    I'm betting somebody knows what I should go get for him. Help! DDD
  2. mstang67chic

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    A couple of years ago I had a hemorrhoid removed sugically. They used some sort of numbing cream and sent the tube home with me. (I got a very nice nurse) I'm not sure what it was but I would bet if you asked they would know what you were talking about.
  3. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    difficult child 2 had some issue with that the other day. I gave him a dollop of regular hemorrhoid cream to apply and he said that helped a lot. Maybe give that a try?

    Also, there is a cream called Calmoseptine that we've gotten samples of at bowel disease conferences. I believe you can get it OTC and it's supposed to be great for irritated tissues like that.

    Have him soak in the tub with a few inches of hot water and some epsom salts (follow directions on package), that can be relieving as well.

    P.S. There's also a cream called Butt Paste that some ulcerative colitis patients I've known have recommended. That's also sold OTC.

    Good luck!
  4. DammitJanet

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    Butt Paste is sold in the infant dept as a diaper rash cream. Good stuff but I dont think it would be good enough here.

    Im thinking we need something to numb the area. How about trying tucks pads for a bit to soothe it then applying something like vagisyl cream which has bensocaine or one of the caines in it.

    Not sure why his hiney hurts but maybe one of the hemorrhoid creams has a numbing agent in it...dont know. That would be my first thought. Sooth it with tucks pads then put on the numbing cream so he doesnt feel it so bad.
  5. susiestar

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    Prep H has stuff in it to treat the burning and soothe inflammation and pain. I would try that first. There are many generic forms so any store should have a generic. Cortisone cream is sometimes used but makes the tissues very very thin so they are NOT a good idea unless prescribed.

    Tucks pads are simply soaked in witch hazel. It is quite easy to put witch hazel (in the pharmacy area) onto some toilet paper and dab it on the area. It is great for helping to keep things clean. When you first open the witch hazel bottle don't take the foil off. Use a pin and poke a couple of holes in the foil. It will be much easier to use that way.

    Get some toilet paper with aloe in it. It will make a difference. If you cannot find it in toilet paper, have him use kleenex with lotion and put them into a waste can instead of flushing them.

    A diaper ointment with dimethicone or another type of silicone in it will be very helpful. It will soothe and keep the tissues from sticking together. If nothing else, monistat sells a chafe relief cream that can be used there safely, according to my gastro and ob/gyn docs.

    I am sorry he is hurting.
  6. DDD

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    Thanks, guys. I've been on the down side lately trying to help the kid. He agreed to go have a medical evaluation (thank heavens his insurance has been extended due to the new mandate to health insurance companies insisting the extend dependents coverage to 24?? or so). Then...(insert whine whine whine) after getting him transported 1.5 hrs North to a quality MD, getting the Rx filled...THEN he tells me he hurts too much to try the suppositories. WTH!

    He uses the flushable wipes which have glycerin. I can't force an adult male over 6' tall to use a suppository. Good Grief! I'm really worried about his system. Don't know if it is the alcoholism or some other sinister issue BUT (brain damage or not) I can't affort medical care
    that isn't followed. I'll follow one or more of your suggestions tomorrow. As Scarlett so aptly
    said "tomorrow is another day". Thanks. DDD