A quick hi from water park of america

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Mar 25, 2012.

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    My sister invited Q and me to go to the water park of america. He has actually done well, except for the end of the night when medications were wearing off he was trying to tell me something I didn't understand and hit me but I told him to leave and he did.

    My sister planned for the boys and her to sleep in one room and my other sister who is here and all the girls to sleep in another. That way Q and I are separate (he is still not accepting he can't go out at our house right now so is really crabby to me). My difficult child-ish sister ended up wanting to sleep with her because she didn't want her to be alone with the boys/Quinton (my niece kindly told us)...problem is my sister who is paying for all this wants it this way because she even said straight to gfgish sister's face, you can't get into any conflicts with him and you get set off by him easily. She blew it off. Her daughter struggles with temper and has issues too and she and Q get along the best but also fight the most. We really wanted both of them with the girls. Plus it meant everyone had a bed. So Q ended up having to sleep on the floor while two perfectly good bed spots were open in the other room.

    I love my sister but honestly. she can be so clueless.

    Anyway we get a couple of more hours to play this morning then we go home and I start my week long struggle...ugg Praying the doctor has some ideas tomorrow.
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    I totally get that. My MOM gets into it with difficult child 1. She is not a healthy person for him to be around. I hope you enjoy the time you have left. Good luck with the rest of the weekend/spring break. It will be VERY trying. In your case, may it rain just heavy enough for the next 7 days that Q won't expect to go outside. Hope that hex helps. LOL
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    Here's hoping for a survivable week... !
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    Good luck! That's sort of a mixed bag ... fun water park, not fun sister ...
    Good luck with-the doctors!