A really good thing in our lives... our Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) workers

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    I sure hope to high heaven that I am not jinxing our little family here but...

    I always seem to be sharing our "issues" lately.

    We have had two Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) workers both over a year now. One is a girl who is studying to become a family counselor at a nearby college so the timing works out great. She is married and has worked with special needs folks for a long time and has been with adult aggressive people, and has been really knocked around. She has been thru a lot with us and lately Q transitions from her activities with spits and kicks and she has even had to call adn say, you might need to come and drive him home...but that call nearly always calms him down. She ALWAYS then works thru it with him. (she is the one at the library with him when that strange man went off on him for copying his daughter on a cell phone) and she is always willing to learn from mistakes, like I do ...not that she is wrong or bad, she just learns. She is the one with me the first time he had the Lamical reaction and we had to call 911. When she gets a kick or bruise, she always says, oh I am alright. Every other Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) has quit very soon after the first owie. They went out last night and ended the same way and he came home and hit me too, I want X... as soon as the door closed he was on to the next part of our schedule and overit... so we have to work on the transitions more (he thinks she is going to tell on him for every thing...we had been working on his telling me about his time and they rehearse but right now that seems to be too much so we agreed to have silent returns and then talk on the phone when he is not around)

    the second is a guy who has been with him maybe even close to two years now. This guy is the one who came to the hospital with us the first night, when we had to use the ambulance. He too has stuck it out thru many many ups and downs. Q adores him so much. Nothing Q says irks him and he doesn't let Q see him sweat. He also works for his day job at a treatment facility here, an Residential Treatment Center (RTC)... so has been thru the mill. During hte summer he worked with a child development clinic who did a summer social skills camp and he said Q would seem mild to them..they were all autistic kids and they went to some cool activity every day, water parks, parks, biking etc.... He loved it.

    When people ask how I do it, that is how. When he got his Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) waiver, a condition is using a behavior program and that is why it is such a high waiver, most of the money goes to them. Our home psychiatric who comes to every single IEP meeting too is their team leader. We are really blessed. I know the psychiatric is near retirement age, so I sure hope it is not too soon. The others are obviously young and will move on at some point, and boy will that be sad.

    But, for now... I am really happy we have them.
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    I am sooooooo jealous but even more glad you have them!!! I can't imagine that you'd have lasted this long if you didn't have them. It is so hard to find good help these days! LOL I know.....cliche....but sooooo true.