A Responsible Decision

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Nichole was offered an apprenticeship at a local tattoo parlor.

I practiced detachment 101. I didn't panic, didn't tell her she couldn't..... Bit proud of myself. :smile: I have to keep telling myself Nichole is now an adult able to make her own decisions.

This one really had me worried, though. This has been a dream of hers for many years, one I'd hoped she'd outgrow. I mean, let's be honest, this carreer choice would constantly be putting her into contact with some pretty low life types, as well as the normal population.

So today we went to speak to the owner of the shop about the apprenticeship. He explained to her that she'd be an apprentice for a year. The fee is $1500.00 as at the end of the year she would get her license. If she stuck it out the whole year, he would wave the fee completely. If she quit, she'd have to pay him. Job has no pay until she's skilled enough he can put her in the shop, then she'd only get a small percentage off each one she did. Owner and other employees seemed to be decent people. (it's the customers that had me worried) She'd have to work around her college classes.

We talked a bit when we left. I only told her that she needed to really THINK this decision though. That I understand it's a huge dream of hers, but it was really important for her to objectively look at the pros and cons of his offer. I reminded her that her first responsibility is to Aubrey, and that she will be exposed to some pretty bad people. She'd have to consider safety as Aubrey had a right to have her mother around to raise her. And well, heck, 1500.00 is alot of money Nichole doesn't have if she changed her mind.

Nichole came home tonight and told me she decided now is not the time to persue her dream. 1500 bucks is ALOT of money. There was college to consider. And she has plenty of time in the future to be an apprentice if she still wants to do it.

Can anyone say WHEW! :whew:

I'm really proud of her. It's not easy to let go of an opportunity to chase after a dream and choose the responsible way. :smile:


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Ah, practicality wins.....lets see.....college education.....apprenticeship with no pay.......ah the light comes on.....

and way to go for you letting her make that decision.....GOOD MOM!