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    Thought some of you might find these very useful. They offer tattoos specifically for NV kids and autistic kids, as well as just plain.
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    What a great idea!!

    For those of you feeling stingy but artistic, you could do something like this for yourself. I'm not sure how much you could save though.

    You can buy print 'paper' that will print temporary tattoos of any design you like. It's a really great thing for teens just getting into Goth, or a girl's birthday party, or a bored kid who needs something to do - get them to design a page of tatts and then run it through the printer.

    We used sticky schoolbook labels for this and stuck one ON THE BACK of the kid's clothing, so the kid wouldn't peel it off. But this is great! You could keep a few of them in your bag, or in the car, so you could put it on the kid for spontaneous outings also.