A Scream in the Night

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. susiestar

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    I was awake most of the night. About 3:00 I heard a LOUD scream, followed by crying. I ran to Jessie to find that one of the cats jumped on her knee. It immediately started turning red and then lookind more bruised. Last week the nurse told us that when a bone breaks bruises show up right away. Jess has always been slow to bruise, so we are very worried. She didn't want to go to the ER because we have an appointment with the ortho today.

    Please pray or keep good thoughts or whatever for her. The LAST thing she needs is a broken kneecap on top of all of this. And of course it is our 15 lb Siamese who jumped on her. Thanks everyone.
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  2. Wiped Out

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    Poor Jess. I am saying extra prayers their is no breakage.
  3. Marguerite

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    It would have to be a very unfortunate accident, if the cat did succeed in breaking the bone. Be aware - the kneecap is very close under the skin, it would bruise very easily because of this anyway.

    And imagine how embarrassing it would be, to have a break and have to answer when people ask how you did it, "My cat jumped on me and broke my kneecap!"

    Here's hoping she's OK.

  4. susiestar

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    Yup, Marg, it would be an embarrassing thing to have to explain. Gee, my knee survived a car accident and several falls on the way home after, but then my cat jumped on me and the knee broke. I can just hear her bff laughing at that one. Not because bff would have no sympathy, just that it does sound strange.
  5. nvts

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    Hey! I hope that it's feeling a little better this morning. Make sure that she's getting her full blast of calcium everyday. I know that she's still pretty smashed up from the accident, but the cat shouldn't have been able to "break the bone" (unless there was a hairline crack already). Marg is right when she said the kneecap's close to the skin.

    Let us know how the ortho goes today!

    Hugs to you and Jess!

  6. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Wishing for the best outcome at the Ortho - Personally? I think they should put her in a balloon cast, give her crutches and do some aqua=therapy.

    But I'm just an Aunti.....
  7. house of cards

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    I'm glad you are getting into the ortho today, she has suffered to much, too long for it to just be sore.
  8. TerryJ2

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    I'm glad she's seeing the ortho today. Good timing.
    So sorry about the scream in the night. Ack!
    Wow, what a big kitty! I've never seen a Siamese that big b4.
    Good luck.
  9. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    That poor girl just can't get a break (no pun intended -- okay, well maybe just a little)! Better put GARFIELD on a diet there....

    Hope the appointment goes well today!
  10. susiestar

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    Ok. Let me NOW say that I HATE THE ORTHO doctor. He was a JERK. Says it is just bruised or something would show on the MRI. He insisted this was true even when I said that she fell down AGAINST a stair into the "pit" in the jr high. He knew what the "pit" was - his daughter is in Jessie's grade - it is a lowered "conversation area" that has a step down and is in the middle of the school. He made his decision about this before he came into the room, before examining her, and even after being told she was worse after the fall. He said to go and get a weight and strap it to her leg and take her crutches away.

    I would be fine doing htat IF the joint could bear weight. My daughter who does NOT cry had tears rolling down her cheeks while he examined her. Literally. I have seen her hobble through multiple knee and ankle sprains from soccer and never shed a tear. And she was CRYING. I will be seeking another opinion. Esp since this guy also actually said that MRI's givve off TONS of radiation. Point of fact they give off NO radiation - I checked with several on-line sites AND called a high school friend who is a radiation specialist with a hospital. NO radiation used in MRIs. It is an R for Resonance, not radiation.

    Didn't give me confidence in this guy. I will see my parent's ortho specialist, or one recommended by my rheumy. This guy is a quack. Telling me that "its just sore, she's milking it" doesn't cut it.

    Sorry, I just got home and am peeved majorly.

    Thanks for all the good thoughts. by the way the cat is a full 15 pounds and was that big when we got him from the pound. He isn't fat, but he IS long and tall. Morgan is also the biggest marshmallow - and is afraid of the cockatiel, LOL!!!
  11. nvts

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    Susy! What a toad! I'd let Jess kick his @ss once she's feeling better. I HATE doctors that, because they have a kid the same age as yours, assume that they know your kid.

    Second opinion all the way! You NEVER want to fool around with joints at this age - it could cause permanant damage!

  12. witzend

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    Be sure to not mention this doctor's diagnosis when you see the second dr. It will color what they say.
  13. susiestar

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    Good advice witz, thanks! I have already scheduled a 2nd opinion on tues, we have to be 75 miles away by 8 am, so I have requested the MRi cd to be ready on Monday. husband will stay home so he can get thank you to school and back, or I might let him take her. We will see. I tend to NOt let him take kids to docs, he stinks at it, but if my hips are really bad I will send him.
  14. Marguerite

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    The MRI was done BEFORE the cat landed on the kneecap, correct? If so, there is always the possibility that the kneecap had a hairline crack, which Puss might have moved.

    That's worth mentioning too, if she seems still very much in pain and still not load-bearing at the new appointment.