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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by flutterbee, Dec 23, 2007.

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    So, I can't sleep and difficult child who went to bed at 7pm is up so we decide to watch some Christmas shows we had recorded.

    Little Abbey is 8 months old and all of 4 pounds - she still wears her kitten collar and it's on the second to last notch. She's a tiny thing. But, she's a climber and is awfully proud of herself. There isn't anything that she can't get to, including the top of the fridge.

    All of a sudden there is this awful racket and I look over and Abbey is jumping onto the top of the icebox (in the living room) from behind it - it is kitty cornered. This thing stands chest high. Well, on the corner of the icebox I have a fountain and under that fountain I have a towel to catch any little drips. Also, on top of the icebox are Christmas decorations. Behind the icebox is a floor lamp. Abbey obviously didn't make it up in the right spot, grabbed ahold of the towel and proceeded to slide off taking the freshly filled fountain with her. Which of course scared the bejesus out of her so she is frantically leaping back onto the icebox trying to get away and manages to pull down half of the Christmas decorations.

    I'm yelling at difficult child to bring some towels, I unplug the fountain, Abbey's in total panic and I'm trying to help her while trying to stay clear of her claws that are looking for any foothold. In the meantime, the carpet is obviously heavily scotchguarded so the water isn't soaking in and is running down the walls and I'm running along trying to unplug anything in it's path.

    Abbey gets out and makes a beeline for the bedroom. She looked a little wet - from what I could tell in the 1/2 second I saw her. easy child isn't here and that icebox is heavy as a - well, it's just really heavy. Plus, it's right next to the ginormous freaking Christmas tree so I'm having to work around that and damn near knocked it over.

    My fountain is broken and I probably just undid all the correction the steriods have done. I felt it immediately and it's getting worse by the minute.

    I give up. I'm going to join slsh and buy Nerf lamps. If I weren't so annoyed, though, I'd be laughing my head off.
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    Um, other than I'm sorry the fountain was broken and you're in pain, I'm ROFLAO!!! That is such a stupid cat move. And, no, she doesn't look innocent at all. She's a black brat kitty and they don't have an innocent bone in their bodies. I know, I have one. If any feline mischief happens, I can guaranty to you it is by the black brat (BB be her name for that very reason).

    Your daughter is very pretty.

    I hope you're okay physically and that the pain is only temporary. Get back on track on soon as possible.

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    Thank you for the hugs. It is funny and, you're right, a stupid cat move...just soooo annoying, too!

    Abbey has just been in a mood all night. Her cat toys weren't good enough, she was going to the m&m dish and flipping them out so she could chase them around on the floor. We're going to move the fridge one day and find a whole bags worth of m&m's underneath. :rolleyes: She's been constantly underfoot and even up on top of my printer which is on a shelf above my desk. And there's me, following around behind her catching things as they fall. She is not a snugglebunny at all, but she HAS to be in the same room I'm in.

    My floor lamp is broken, too.

    I have to say that nothing has ever phased that cat. Until now. When we moved and the other 2 were skulking around, bodies close to the floor and jumping at every noise - and Baby Kitty just went into hiding for a bit - Abbey walked right in and was into everything.

    Tonight, though, she made a beeline for difficult child's room and I had to coerce out from under the bed. As soon as I got off the floor, back under she went. I have no illusions of her learning from this, though. :rofl:

    MB - easy child wanted to name her BB. Think he was onto something? :crazy2:
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    And you want to pull Abbey out from under the bed why? At least she's not getting into anything there.

    This time of year, I walk around with a squirt gun in my pocket at all times. I don't even have to spray, just show it. The cats know and loathe the squirt gun, even BB. The other two cats will leave soon as I pull it out. BB has to be sprayed 3 times (takes that long to get through her fur and for her to figure out she's wet), but she then walks away from whatever as though nothing had happened. See why she's a Black Brat (and, yes, the Brat is frequently changed to witch with a B). Yup, your daughter knew exactly what she was talking about -- probably reminded her of her.

    And, just to be on the safe side, have a couple more ....

  6. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    Aw, hun...I am so sorry!

    MB is right. She looks like trouble. I think it's a riot, that she goes looking for M&Ms to play with.

    Wynter is beautiful. Standing there with her arms crossed like she owns the place.

    As long as you decided to have easy child pay for his accident, based on his prior behavior, I would say see if he'll replace your fountain and lamp too...he has been a snot...
  7. Hound dog

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    First, I LOVE your ice box and the lamp behind it in the picture. :smile:

    Abby looks onary as heck. lol

    I chuckled at your post because it sounds like something our new kitty Bruce would do. He's been awfully daring the more he gets used to us and the house. :rofl:

    Now, I have a black cat, Shadow. She is not a bb. lol Actually, she's my calm cat, never gets into much trouble. Except for sitting on the buffet. Which she KNOWS she's not allowed to do.

    Any ideas on where I can find a squirt gun in the winter? I need it bad for Bruce....
  8. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Funny, I was just thinking about our cats and how good they've been this time of year compared to two years ago whey they were 1yr and 7 mos.

    The younger one managed to pull a Xmas stocking down onto my wood-laminate floor, along with the heavy metal (not heavy-metal :wink: ) hanger which then took a nice CHUNK out of the floor.

    This is also the cat that likes to stretch himself on any vertical surface, and sometimes he forgets to sheath his claws. I don't mind so much when he does it on my nasty kitchen cabinets -- they needed to go about 10 years ago. But it makes me hesitant to get anything new like that!

    If it's not the cats, it's the difficult child's in my house wrecking stuff. I just keep telling myself that in about 15 years, my house will look perfect -- but it will be really empty, too. :frown:
  9. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    When they are bored - they can be quite creative. Who else but a devious black cat would think to make a log floom out of a fridge, a towel and a fountain?

    If we put everything up high for them - they would certainly WANT to be at our feet. I can't figure our cat out either - she's just a little weirdo.

    Your difficult child is georgeous WG - A real stunner! I love her long hair - so very pretty!

    THanks for sharing the good kid and the bad cat.
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    She is definitely an entertaining cat. She's now playing with a lego she found God knows where. My kids are almost 13 and 16, it's not like we have an abundance of lego's anymore.

    MB - I coerced her out from under the bed to make sure she wasn't hurt. I couldn't see how everything landed and didn't know if the fountain fell on her or not. She's completely over it now.

    Cassie was all black and she never got up on the counter. Baby Kitty is all black and she...well, she's a few cards short of a full deck, so I guess we can't compare. I thought Puddles was ornery when he was a kitten. Not even close. :rofl:

    BBK - Wynter does own the place, didn't you know. She allows us to live here. Oh, and see the pretty hearts on her sweatshirt? Know what the white things are? Skulls and crossbones. Serious. :rofl:

    Lisa - Thank you for the compliment on my stuff. :smile: We don't use a squirt gun...we use a spritz bottle set on 'stream'. You can pick those up at walmart or I think I got mine at Sally's.

    gcvmom - A chunk out of your floor?!! :faint: I would have been beside myself. I fantasize about how all my things will look nice one day, but I know that day will probably never happen. I could never have an empty house.

    Star - That picture was taken 2 Sunday's ago. Right after it was taken, Wynter had her hair cut to shoulder length. I really like it. Her hair is sooooo thick and heavy so it pulled all the curl out. Now, she gets those curly-q curls again. like she had when she was a toddler.
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    OMG! Well, I *thought* the icebox felt heavier than usual.

    In our old house we had a small kitchen with limited cabinet space, so I used the icebox to hold the dishes. This house has a huge kitchen with an abundance of cabinet space, so the icebox is in the living room and is housing game night activities.

    Apparently, easy child is storing a 13" tv in there, too! :hammer: :rofl:
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    ROFLAO ... Guess you don't plug it in, eh?
  13. flutterbee

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    Well, no. This is a spare tv (easy child has a 27" HD tv in his room) that is used when they have their XBOX360/PS3 parties. They hook up several tv's and 'system link' their game systems.

    That party easy child went to Thursday night? Several tv's were brought in by the kids coming to the party. Apparently they blew a breaker. Not just tripped it...blew it.