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    I think we have finally found the right diagnoses, medications and dosages for difficult child. Explaining the whole thing might get long but I want to make sure everyone understands the level of progress difficult child has made.

    Earlier in the week, difficult child was gone playing with a friend. I texted him that it was time to come home. He was (according to him) riding his bike no-handed (which he's good at) while texting me back that he was on his way. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a kid coming his way (difficult child has ridden into parked cars many times from not paying attention). He quickly grabbed the handles of his bike to avoid a collision (the other kid wasn't watching where he was going). In the process, difficult child's phone went flying into the street and when difficult child picked it up, it was DEAD. He isn't eligible for a new one until January. I made him suffer with not going anywhere for a few days so he realized how important it was to take extra care of his phone (no riding while texting). We talked and I agreed that I would buy him a cheap Tracfone to get him through until January. However, he would have to work for it since he doesn't have any money right now to pay for one. I owe him money for things over the summer I agreed to pay him back for but haven't been able to yet (recently unemployed and unemployment checks just don't cut it). I pay $20 for mowing our lawn (it's a fairly big lawn and we only have a push mower) so I told him he'd have to mow twice without pay to pay for the Tracfone. He agreed readily. Tonight, I told him he needed to mow the lawn. He did the entire lawn without a single complaint! Now keep in mind he is 13 but is the size of the average 9 year old so it was no easy fete. Not once did he bring up the fact that I owe him money and I could just deduct the cost of the phone from what I owe him. That is what he used to do.

    As I'm typing this, I actually feel like crying. It has been such a long road to get to where we are but now that we are there, I am so happy. Just had to share this since we would not have reached this point without the support of you wonderful people. THANK YOU!!!!
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    That's fantastic!!

    I dream of moments like that. Good for him and you!
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    YAY! AMAZING! Bet you feel like :choir:
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    Awesome!! If Net10 is in the area you are, and I think they are everywhere, consider that rather than tracfone. They are basically the same company but Net10 minutes are never moer than 10 cents each and tracfone minutes are usually not that cheap. I made that error then switched to net10 and the service is the same. But you can't use a tracfone on net10 or vice versa. But the phones for each are about the same. With net10 you can get 30 days of service and 750 min for $25 via buying cards, setting up a regular plan or buying them via the phone or internet.

    I just got the lg901 that Target had on sale 2 weeks ago and I love it. I had the lg 500 and it was also a great phone. husband has the lg touchscreen on net10 and he loves that. texts count as a minute to send and a minute to receive. Internet counts as minutes so you can choose to use the minutes online or on phone calls or texts. The $25 dollar plan works out to 3 1/3 cent per minute. Even with the lifetime double minutes the cheapest tracfone deal for minutes was about 7.5 cents as of a month ago.

    Just thought this might help.
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    go phone is 2 bucks a day!
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    Wonderful, great, marvelous news!! I think the good kid times are sweeter for those that have to pay more for them.