A Sweet Pea update

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    It's been a while since I've posted about her.
    The tantrums are still there and she shows LOTS of frustration. My parents were quite "impressed" on how difficult she is.
    But now I know for sure: it all comes from her lack of expressive language. husband and I have no doubt about it.
    Her understanding of language is quite amazing to say the least. She understand every details, negative sentences, double negative as well. She just does not miss anything. And both in English and French.
    She has not had any speech therapy in 1 month, her Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) is droping all the kids in our area according to rumors. Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) does not return our phone calls! It is so unbelievable that an Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) would have such unprofessionalism. Sweet Pea's Special Education teacher was also shocked to hear that Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) had been telling parents that the kids were "age appropriate" and "did not need therapy anymore", all the while not telling the service coordinator!!
    That is exactly what he had told us about Sweet Pea, and I believed him for a while.
    But now it is quite clear that Sweet did not have this big word explosion the Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) was waiting for.
    Sweet Pea is so desperate to communicate, she even creates her own sign language. She makes whole sentences in created signs or common gestures. Her Special Education teacher has witnessed it.
    I have been saying for month that her sounds all sound the same, but Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) kept on telling me it was age appropriate. I don't buy it anymore.
    She really seem to struggle to position her mouth and imitate sounds. the "G" sound is near impossible for her. The "F" sound extremely challenging. Just to name some examples.
    She is being tested by Early Intervention tomorrow. I'm quite curious to hear what they have to say about the discrepancy between expressive language and comprehension.
    I feel she is trapped in her own head, has all those thoughts but can't share them. Not a nice position to be in.
    Tomorrow will bring some answers hopefully.
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    Oh my dear friend ....so sorry about the unprofessional treatment. These are human lives she is messing with! I've wondered from early on about apraxia of speech for her. I know you are watching for that but her current level of frustration and the desire to initiate communication and use sign language sure begs the question. Poor thing. Keep up your sign language training and use any visual aids you can ....you're good at that stuff. I've laminated pictures and put those cheap strips of magnetic tape on them so they can be on the refrigerator to make them easy to grab and communicate with, esp. good for requesting things. Big hugs. Has school started already? How are things with the other kiddos?
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    This Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) just started his own company in February, and let me tell you: he comitted professional suicide! People talk around here. Karma will get him.
    I did have some pictures on the fridge for a while but actually took them down. She prefers signs and it seems like I would need a book now, my fridge is not big enough! Joke aside, a book might be a good idea. I'll have to ask her new Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) when we find one.
    I also know she is craving language because she points at everything around her for me to label it. She's funny too because she tries to trick me, points at something difficult or uncommon.
    School has started and time will tell. V has not had a full week yet but he's such a bear at home. The food issue is not better. I'll have to post on the GP forum... just same old.
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    The evaluation is done: she still has a mild expressive delay. The Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) who did the testing talked about using picture symbols. About not giving in and making her use her words instead of pointing... I think I do that quite a bit, but I'm also dealing with a child that cannot stand frustration! The Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) witnessed a bit ofit when it was time to say bye. She was like "wow". And believe me, it was nothing compare to her daily legendary tantrums.
    So now: the quest to find a decent Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) who serves our area. The battle continues.
    Strangely I don't feel pressured. If we find someone: great. If not, I still have faith that her environment at home and daycare is stimulating enough and she can only get better with time.
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    That's great you are feeling unpressured and optimistic :)
    Sweet Pea still is very young. I wonder what you would make of the little girl who lives next door to us, who will be three in December... she seems to communicate in a few isolated words, not even whole, comprehensible phrases.
    When will SP be two?
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    Sweet Pea turned 2 this week! :)
    I have yet to update my sig.