a tear in my eye


trying to survive....
so trivial......but such a big thing for me and I believe other moms of difficult child....

This morning I sent difficult child to camp in the neighborhood carpool... :grin: I didn't have to drive him myself....First off, no one usually offers to drive difficult child...second...I've never been comfortable...what if he has a problem....what if he doesn't listen etc...

He's really made so much progress !!! Two weeks of camp done and all has gone well...


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I got a tear reading this post. it reminded me so much of lil ant. sigh.
glad your guy made it through and you both are enjoying it!


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YEAH!!! I think that is great. I have never carpooled either because I am TOOOO nervous. I did let him go home on his first afterschool playdate once last year and he did well so I totally know how you feel.

NOT TRIVIAL at all!! In fact, just the opposite, AWESOME



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:bravo: Good News :bravo:

Finding joy in the small success is what parenting difficult children is all about! Good for difficult child! Great for mom! :smile:



trying to survive....
Thanks all !!! And...I just picked up easy child from sleep away camp. He was gone for five days and had a great time !!! :smile:...

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Not trivial at all! I too have a tear in my eye reading this! Great for difficult child and for you! :dance:


<HUGS> tear in my eye for you, and hopes for difficult child II"s future