A Thought for my fellow Warrior Moms


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I have been thinking about this since last night and it was brought on by <span style="color: #993399"> </span> what Janet is going thru now with Ant. The Lord prompted me to share it with you all.

<span style="color: #993399">Where there is LIFE, there is HOPE. And without HOPE, we have nothing.</span>

Hang on to this thought ladies and know that healing is possible.

I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

Sweet Blessings to Each and Every One of You.

Mrs. McNear


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I said sort of the same thing to ant when I dropped him off at his place after dinner. I told him that as long as he believes in God, then he has to believe God will work things out for him.

sometimes when people are too discouraged to pray we have to pray for them. sometimes we pray for them so long we too get discouraged. then people have to pray for us as well...lol

thanks for your loving concern! I know it will all work out in the long run. I hope. :wink: