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    Some days I wish I could fall down the White Rabbit's rabbit hole, and join Alice, The Mad Hatter, The Red Queen and all the rest for a tea party. It's GOT to be saner in there than it is out here.

    The list (from Trinity's Great Big Book of Grievances)

    1) difficult child got suspended from work last week. He had a meeting this morning, and was told he has one more chance but if he fouls up again then he's fired. This is the supported work environment for people with developmental delays, that gives them skills they can use in a "real" job. At this point, difficult child has just about mastered getting out of bed, and getting to work on time. He will not survive an afternoon in a non-supported job. And yet, this morning, he was spouting off about things he's "not happy about" at work, and how he needs a vacation.

    2) husband has been talking about renovating the house to build a sort-of granny suite for difficult child. This way he can "maintain his independence" while being "closer". The boy's assisted living centre is a five-minute drive from our house. He can walk, ride his bike or take one bus (about 4 stops) to get here. He couldn't possibly be closer without actually living here. And every time he lives here, chaos reigns, he goes off his medications, causes trouble with the younger children, etc. When difficult child first moved into assisted living all those years ago, I promised myself that he and I would never live under the same roof again. I don't care if he has a separate entrance to his part of the house. If he has unrestricted access, he will be living here.

    3) Tyrantina and Tyrannosaur both have the world's worst case of Mummy-itis. Both of them want all-mummy-all-the-time, and neither wants the other to have any attention from me. I have had Tyrantina clutching my left leg and yelling in my left ear, while Tyrannosaur does the same thing on my right side, All. @#$%^&. Day!

    4) Tyrannosaur decided that the fabric that covers the underside of my dining room chairs is chocolate, because it's brown. He has eaten about 95% of one cover, and 50% of another. It is that horrid non-woven fabric that looks like dryer sheets. What unholy results am I likely to see in that boy's digestion over the next couple of days? And which end is it likely to come out? Ugh!

    5) A charity for which I volunteer is holding an event tomorrow evening, and I have now been roped into playing hostess. I have been eating junk food non-stop to keep a shred of my sanity all week, and now I have to pour myself into a cocktail dress and talk to people, all when I just want to build a fort in the back yard and hide.


    *Enough, already.
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    Oh wow.

    If Tyrannosaur has eaten a good amount of the fabric, I think I'd give the pediatrician doctor a call. One would think after the first taste he'd realize it wasn't chocolate. lol

    easy child has been going through Mommy-itis for some time now. Thankfully, Brandon nor Connor feel the need for Nana-itis.

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    Oh, goodness. Lots of hugs. I'll come to your fort with Margaritas...
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    I can sympathize about the mummy-itis. Buster is especially bad about it. Hope your week calms down.
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    Mine hasn't grown out of it yet... so I sympathize on the Mommy-itis too.
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    Awwww, you need a ME day. Can you get away for a spa day? Mani/pedi? Massage? lunch with a girl friend? And, then can you plan it weekly until the babies are about 21?

    We mom's need a lot of care, a lot of nurturing and me time to counteract the very real and weighty parenting stuff.........

    And, my response,......... *difficult child needs to keep his job,*husband needs to leave difficult child where he is 5 minutes away, *mom needs alone time away from velcroed babies, *baby boy needs real chocolate and............. *drink wine at the charity event............HUGS!
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    Thanks everyone! I KNEW you would all understand. When I try to complain about this stuff in RL, people just look at me funny.

    Lisa, thanks for the advice. It turns out that Tyrannosaur only ate a small part of the fabric. I found the rest stuffed down the air register. Phew/Whew! Is it sad that I'm delighted that my dining room chair fabric is in the air duct rather than in my boy? Yes, this difficult child life we lead.

    RE, I wish I could drink wine at the event tonight, but I have to drive myself there and back. I will put a bottle of wine in the fridge to chill, and have a glass or two (or four) when I get home.

    As for difficult child and husband, it's a thorny one. I will have to tread lightly. I think he knows in his heart, he's just having trouble detaching after spending difficult child's entire life as Warrior Dad extraordinaire. Poor man, I think this is going to be rough on him. But after the last time, when difficult child's antics put husband in the hospital and nearly triggered a heart attack, I am more than willing to let difficult child go if it means husband's health. I think I might have to do the feminine wiles thing with husband to get him to see this situation for what it is.
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