A very early good Monday morning....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. timer lady

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    my friends. :coffee: My hmj is brewing. I've been drinking water all night long - ready for a warm cuppa coffee.

    I'm interviewing a potential PCA - the every other weekend shift & substitute shifts. This young lady knows there are limited hours, which she wants.

    kt has in home therapy today & I play catch up on paying bills & cleaning off my desk.

    My sisters & SILs hit town this coming Thursday night - it's to be a girls couple of days. kt leaves for respite Friday - right after school. Until then my sisters have some idea of going to MOA. Not being a big mall fan - I'll just tag along for the company.

    I'm so looking forward to this - this group of ladies so enjoy each other's company. We spend hours laughing, crying & generally having a fun time together.

    Saying all that, I think I ought to attempt to clean my house - to a degree at least. You know, company clean. I'll have signs at the stairs to the basement & to the upstairs "Enter at your own risk". I can always keep the main level of my home clean. I just need help with the other 2 floors.

    Have a good Monday - hug your loved ones.
  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-I sure hope you are sleeping by now. I'm glad you are going to get a visit with your sisters. I wouldn't worry too much about the cleaning. My sister is the one person I don't go nuts cleaning for-she is the same way with me.

    I'm fighting off a very sore throat that feels like it is going to turn into a major cold. It's 49 right now which is our high for the day-temps are supposed to drop and we have a wind advisory. In a way I really like this kind of weather (except for the fact that I have recess duty).

    After work I have difficult child's conference (behaviorally at school he is doing fine-wish I could say the same thing for home). At some point husband and I will get to the club (I hope). For dinner tonight we'll be eating manicotti-I made it last night so tonight I just have to put it in the oven to bake. It's one of those comfort foods from when I was a child that I love.

    I hope everyone has a peaceful day and fines reasons to smile. Hi if you snuck in. :flower:
  3. tiredmommy

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    Good morning Linda. :coffee: I understand about company clean, just make sure you don't do so much that you are wiped out for the visit. Especially because your sisters won't care. :smile: Did you decide on a new walker yet?
    I've got a hectic day: volunteer photo (security badge) for the school :rolleyes:, flu shot at husband's job site :doctor:, groceries and banking. But tomorrow... I've got half the school day free! :sleeping:
    Have a great day! :thumbsup:
  4. mrscatinthehat

    mrscatinthehat Seussical


    Linda - sounds like a fine time coming up. I would guess they probably aren't going to be worried about the house. Just enjoy.

    Sharon - I tend to like this weather too. Although I am sure standing in it too long at recess does probablyy get old. Hope the conference goes well.

    TM - hope you don't run yourself too ragged with all you have to do.

    I am getting ready to head to the stores to hopefully get the last of the stuff for the bathroom. That is except the stuff that requires the truck. It has to go to the dump first and I am not allowed to drive it as it is our bosses truck (and for some reason he seems to think a woman can't drive the large beast) So the last of the drywall, my shelves and some pipes will have to wait until later when husband is up and ready to go dump it. That and he can pick out his duct work for the fan I am getting then also. Hopefully soon we will be done. Having all of the stuff helps. Then it is all motivation on his part. So home depot here I come.

  5. LittleDudesMom

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    :sleeping: What extra hour of sleep?????????????

    Good Morning on a No Meltdown Monday Morning!!!!

    Linda, you know, you could always put up those satin braided ropes across the steps up and the steps down like they do in museums!

    Sharon, :cold: :sled: :blizzard: No, it's not that cold here, I just like the new smilies Cheryl gave us and I thought I would share the cold ones with you! Hope that sore throat does not turn into a big cold.

    TM, I have never gotten a flu shot - I was never in the "at risk" group when folks first started getting it years back, and I have not had the flue in years (watch me jinx myself here and get a doozie this year :ill:). My kids are off all day tomorrow for election day - some of the schools are used for polling so they are all closed. They are really excited!

    My usual Monday schedule is a little off today. I did seven loads of laundry between Saturday and Sunday so no laundry today. The house, miracle or miracles, stayed clean this weekend, so no cleaning. Guess that means I'll go and get my nails done!!!!!! :lipstick:

    The kids are looking forward to their school holiday tomorrow. difficult child told me that it was really crazy for him to go to school today since he just had another day off on tuesday - do I have to go?

    Have a great Monday everyone :its_all_good:

  6. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone :coffee:,

    I'm in a big RUSH this morning - We've been waiting for months to get an appointment with yet another specialist for difficult child 2 - Today is finally the day we get to meet her!!!

    Linda, Don't worry about the house!!!

    TM, Hope you find a bit of time for yourself!!!

    Sharon, I hope you feel better soon!!!

    Sharon, Have fun getting your nails done!!!

    mrscatinthehat, Hope the bathroom project is going well!!!

    Got to go. I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today... :autumn: :autumn: :cold: WFEN

    P.S. Sorry if I missed anyone - Had to type quickly - Got to go...
  7. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Morning on a chilly Monday. :blizzard:
    A hot cup of coffee feels good.

    Linda, you sure get a lot done while being somewhat ill and sleep deprived. Pretty impressive.Come my way when your done. :smile:

    Wiped Out,hope you feel better. Your manicotti sounds yummy. Good luck with the meeting for difficult child this afternoon.

    TM, enjoy your day. Glad you will have sometime doing your own thing tomorrow. Gives you a chance to take off your mommy hat for a bit.

    Beth, have fun. We are doing a fair amount of "refreshing" of our new home. I know how exciting and exhausting it can be. Hope it all comes together soon.

    Sharon, having a less frantic Monday sounds good. I wish I had done the laundry too. :rolleyes: I'm with you with never having a flu shot. I have never had the flu so it seems silly to prevent it. I'll probably jinx myself this year too. Enjoy your day. I want the secret to keeping the house clean on a weekend. LOL.

    WFEN good luck with your meeting.

    difficult child blew his top a couple of times yesterday. :thumbsdown: Same old, same old. We keep telling him what to do. He is probably right but he doesn't seem to get that helping with moving empty boxes out of the house is a simple chore he can do. He said, the boxes are light and I can do it. :rofl: I told him that I didn't have to do it since I had a 23 yr old son. Joys of aging in my book. He always is contrite when he is done. Same old same old. Wears me out though and I am never settled with him in a state.

    I did make it on a beautiful walk in the woods down to the lake. It gives me some quiet time and a little exercise. The pups love it too.

    Have a good day my friends. Hope your difficult child gives you a reason to smile. :future: