A very expensive Christmas!

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Kathy813, Dec 25, 2013.

  1. Kathy813

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    And it is not even difficult child related. Our Christmas actually has been quite peaceful. So why am I posting?

    Let me back up a couple of weeks first. I was getting ready for a Christmas cookie party exchange and was reaching up to a tall top shelf for a large bowl. I didn't realize that there was a heavy corningware lid on the top of the bowl and as I tipped the bowl to get it down . . . you guessed it . . . it came crashing down and smashed in the corner of my built in ceramic cooktop. Now I have a large hole in the front corner. husband researched replacing the top and that will cost around $300 if we order it and he puts it on himself. The unit is almost ten years old, though, so we were debating if we should do that or just replace the whole thing.

    Then . . . this morning husband was preparing our traditional blueberry coffee cake that we only have once a year. He checked on it and decided it needed 5 more minutes. He went back five minutes later to find it burnt. Then two codes appeared on the electronic control board and the oven door locked. I googled the codes and found out that it needs a new control board and that is around $500 (not counting labor). Again, we have had this wall oven for around ten years so it seems ridiculous to put that kind of money into it.

    So, long story short, it looks like we will replacing both the built in cooktop and built in microwave/oven combo. Arghh!

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    Yuck! I hate having to replace things.
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    Happened to me too, yesterday I noticed water running out of the cabinet under the sink and found a flood. I called the plumber who came out and told me the faucet is leaking and I need a new one. Since it's a moen he told me to call them and have them replace it. It will take over a week to get and then I have to have it installed. In the meatime I have to keep towels around the pipes and replace them as they get soaked. What a time for plumbing problems.
  4. helpangel

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    Nancy that will run up your water bill horribly if there isn't a shut off for that sink they make a tape get it at hardware store... it's called silicone rescue tape - wrap that around where its leaking it will hold it till they get out to fix it/ and it's easy for the repair guy to remove. Love that stuff it works for almost anything.

    For my son it was his break lines this year, couple days ago pedal went to the floor nothing happened. Luckily didn't hit anything but there went $400.

  5. Nancy

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    Thanks for the info Nancy. Luckily it only leaks when the faucet is turned on so we are careful to conserve. But i called moen and they will not replace it without a receipt which of course i didnt save so i have to go buy a new faucet and have it installed, probably about $400 when all fixed.

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  6. helpangel

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    If years ago you paid for that with a credit card your card company can often re-generate that receipt for you, Visa has helped me that way a couple times.

    Wish I was close enough to come fix it for you these explosive kids of mine have me trained to do lots of stuff - replace windows, screens, wet plaster/drywall, plumbing, electrical ... even used that rescue tape to patch a gas line they (the girls)broke swinging from till gas company could get someone out here.