A very good day


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Yesterday was a dream day. the best ever with ant in a long long time.

I had gone and brought Kaleb down for the week because I was in his area this past weekend. we got in so late, I kept kaleb at boyfriend's for sat night. Ant walked to church and met boyfriend, Kaleb and myself there sunday morning. kaleb saw his dad and squealed and ran to ant. they kissed and hugged and ant carried Kaleb into church. My heart was bursting. had someone told me last year that one day my son and grandson would be sitting in church with me...I would have not believed it.

ant held Kaleb all thru the Mass. I was thinking I had no sitter lined up for the week while ant worked and I work. boyfriend whispered to me to look a few rows up. there sat a gray haired couple, boyfriend said they run a daycare two blocks from ant's apartment.

after church we went there and talked to them. a nice home, lots of toys and kid ready. she said she has done this for 30 yrs. she has 5 kids off and on.

we agreed to have kaleb there this week. we then went back and got boyfriend's boat and took ant and kaleb out for a ride down the rivers. ant was thrilled as was kaleb. neither had been on a big boat before. unfortunately the boat broke down mid river and we had to be towed back to the dock. (boyfriend just got this thing out of the shop.) boyfriend and ant worked together to get it lined up, with ant in the river wading along and pulling this boat, and boyfriend using a winch to get it on the trailer again.

after that we went back to boyfriend's for a cookout and kaleb took a nice nap. ant was perfect. I had tears in my eyes most of the day watching boyfriend and ant inter-act and ant fathering kaleb.

at night I took ant and kaleb back to ant's place. boyfriend lives only a mile away. ant has his place very neat and tidy, just a livingroom, kitchen and bedroom with a small bath. Ant said he had something for me to take out. he got a big bag and went the refrig and loaded the bag with all the beer in there (about a case). he said he doesnt want it there to tempt him. I was shocked he would give up his stash! when I left, ant took kaleb for a long walk and then ant bathed kaleb, got his cereal for the night, read him a book and got him to bed. I talked to kaleb right before he went to sleep. luckily ant had no women over.

this morning, I rode down there to take kaleb for his first day of daycare. ant met me on the sidewalk. kaleb had been fed breakfast, was dressed, and ant had packed him a lunch bag (even wrote his name on the bag.) They both seemed to be so happy! kaleb and I went to the sitters and he ran under my arm and joined the other kids to play. after work, ant will go get him and walk him back to the apartment and care for him for the evening.

so normal for some, so miraculous for us!

I had read that you went to church with And & Kaleb in another post, but felt it was inappropriate to respond to you in that post. I am glad you posted it again. I was absolutely beaming when I read it. How wonderful that must have felt for you.

Journal this, if you haven't already. This is one for the memory banks. Kaleb will love to hear this years from now.


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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>FIRST dream day.....hope there are many more to come......</span>

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Wow Janet, it's remarkable how normal he can be when clear drom drugs ansd alcohol. I hope he continues to fight those deamons and win.

by the way I must have missed the post about how you and boyfriend got back together? How did that happen and how are you feeling about the whole thing?



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What a great post to find this morning! I was really touched when i read it. I know you were probably onthe edge of tears all day. This really warmed my heart.

It is so great when our difficult child's are the warm, caring individuals we know they can be.


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Great post Janet, thank you as usual for sharing. I know what those days are like, you just want them to last forever. The best part of those days for me is when I lay my head down at night the feeling of peace that comes over me as I close my eyes.
I know Ant has it in him, he will get there, I know he will.



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Oh, Janet, what a lovely day and lovely post. I've got my fingers crossed for ant's continued success, and Kaleb's and your continuing happiness.


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Aw Janet - thanks so much for sharing that wonderful story! That is so touching. My difficult child was over today to see his son - he changed him, fed him, etc while I mowed the lawn.


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Enjoy the good, but do not be surprised by the bad. That seems to be the only way with Ant.

Glad you had a good day!


So glad you had such a wonderful day. Hopefully it will be the first of many, many more.