A very good Friday morning to you....

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  1. timer lady

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    Good morning my friends,

    I gather all of you have made it through the T'giving holiday in one piece & at the very least left with some sanity. :thanksgiving1: I hope you all had a wonderful day with friends & family.

    It was the 3 of us here; kt had a wonderful day. We set up dinner in the dining room (which we hadn't used in the longest time due to gross/obnoxious behaviors). kt was on her best behavior (restaurant manners, mom - who knew? :thumbsup: ). She actually thanked me for such a delicious dinner & helped clear up with no complaints.

    kt is off to respite this afternoon - husband & I have several home projects that need to be completed. A neighbor is coming over to help husband with some heavy lifting tomorrow; a friend of mine is coming over to help me with a few odds & ends. Between the 4 of us we should be able to finish up on the few things that had been started before I got sick earlier this year. :faint:

    I'm anxiously waiting for someone to wake up (not likely until at least 8 a.m.) so I can start some laundry. Can't navigate the stairs with-o someone about alert/conscious. :smile: I just want to get this stuff done.

    Enjoy your Friday! I hope it's calm with no meltdowns & that you get your free choice today.
  2. Hound dog

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    Good Morning Everyone!

    Linda, you're up bright and early. And I thought I was bad this morning. lol It's only about 4:30 am here and I've been up for about an hour and a half. :faint:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful cozy holiday. High Five to kt bug for those restaurant manners and helping the day go smoothly!!

    I hope you're able to get the chores done. But don't get too eager and overdo.

    Our thanksgiving day went well. Since we're not having the meal til saturday evening, sister in law and Darrin went to his Mom's to eat, Nichole, b/f, and baby went to his family, Travis and easy child had to work. husband and I went and had a long overdo visit with his Mom. We haven't had the time of late to just sit and chat with her for a few hours, and I know she get's lonely sitting in that house. She'll have another visit with the whole family on saturday when we bring her over a plate from dinner.

    Nichole was up at 3am. :bloodshot: She and b/f are on their way to cincy for the black friday sales. When they get back, she'll be helping me clean so that I can help her study for her final exams.

    I hope everyone had a pleasant and safe holiday. :thanksgiving1:

    Have a wonderful meltdown free day.

  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, everybody. I hope you all had a peaceful Thanksgiving.

    Linda, a thought for the future about laundry - I've got my lot trained to put their dirty clothes in the laundry tub (beside the washing machine) so I don't have to go search for it. While they each have a dirty clothes hamper, they know that they have to empty it into the laundry tub or it won't get washed. I'm glad kt's table manners were top notch. Something's rubbing off on her, after all!

    Lisa, your visit with your mother sounds really great. I hope Saturday night is another good night for you.

    We had a day Christmas shopping today, plus before we left difficult child 3 got in some good schoolwork effort. I've organised him to do more work tomorrow even though it's Saturday. I have a meeting in the afternoon - Christmas party for writing group.

    And tomorrow is election day! Tomorrow we choose the next Prime Minister. Or to be more accurate. tomorrow we vote on who we want to be in charge of each electorate, and depending on how many of each party get in to parliament, depends on which political party is in control of the government and hence which leader gets to be Prime Minister. The smart money is on our current PM, John Howard, to lose. He is ultra-conservative; even the opposition, normally considered left-wing, are still conservative by comparison.
    husband is giving easy child 2/difficult child 2 a lesson in how to vote. She's voted several times before, but was saying she doesn't understand it, doesn't care, she'll just waste her vote... which for us, is just plain wrong. She is going to have to vote near where she works rather than near where we live. BF2 lives with us now, he will also be voting in our electorate. But he is going to be with easy child 2/difficult child 2, maybe they can work it out between them...

    On voting day, the booths open at 8 am, close at 6 pm. The counting begins as soon as polls close and it's so fast these days that we often have a result within hours. But at the polling booth - outside are lots of people handing out 'how to vote' info leaflets, inside we give our names and get given the slips of paper. One, for the Senate (Upper House, like the British House of Lords) is literally the size of a tablecloth. The smaller one is for the electorate's candidates; we have 8 in ours this time. We're not permitted to leave any brochures in the poll booths so husband & I take them back outside and hand them back. Other people simply put the brochures in the bins, which I think is a waste.
    The ballot papers go into their respective boxes. It's all done with paper these days - the polling booths themselves are made from recycled paper, they're cardboard. They make great cubby houses once election day is over! The ballot boxes are made from the same cardboard.
    Back outside the polling centre there are usually various fundraising activities - a sausage sizzle (fundraiser BBQ); a cake stall; the local raffle for War Widows... it's a real social event. And if you are looking for a political argument, just pick on any of the volunteers handing out how to vote cards. The fringe parties are a lot of fun - the Legalise Marijuana Party, for example. I'll try and make a note of any interesting political groups standing for election, and let you know about them tomorrow night.

    By this time tomorrow, we should know who the next PM will be.

    Enjoy your Friday.

  4. tiredmommy

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    Good morning.
    Linda- This is when a main floor laundry room would be helpful. I'm glad your day went well. :elf:
    Lisa- I'm glad you found time to visit, I hope Saturday is fun. :lights:
    Marg- We have people shopping for Christmas here too. Today is Black Friday, when many retailers open obscenely early and offer outrageous deals. Some people camp out from closing time on Wednesday. There is pushing and shoving. It's really crazy! :santa:
    Duckie and I need to hit the grocer for produce and put together our Sunday School lesson, plus some light cleaning. We may even hit the library. :rudolph:
    Have a great day! :xmasdancers:
  5. SRL

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    Good morning, Linda, Lisa, TM & M and all the rest of you who aren't standing in line somewhere. I just got home from a quick trip out--I couldn't believe the lines at Kohl's wrapped halfway around the inner perimeter of the store. I'd have to be way more desperate to wait that long to make a purchase.

    The sofa looks warm and cozy, maybe I could catch a few winks before the kids wake up...
  6. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-It's great kt was so good yesterday!!!! :smile: Enjoy your respite weekend!

    Lisa-It's nice you were able to to visit with your mother in law yesterday. Wos-Nichole went shopping early-I just can't bring myself to go that early!

    Marguerite-It's good you got some Christmas shopping done. I hope the candidate you like wins your election.

    TM-Sounds like you have a nice day planned!

    In a bit I'm going to quickly (I hope it's quick) to a store to use a $10 coupon then I'm coming straight home. My dad and his wife are still here and are taking us out for breakfast-yum! Not sure what we're doing the rest of the day!

    I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day-for those of you who like it-shop til you drop! :shopping: