A very good Monday morning, friends...

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  1. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    It's the Monday before Thanksgiving. kt has only 2 days of school this week....searching far & wide for activities for Wednesday & Friday - something to do with her PCA that I cannot do. I believe I have roller skating on the agenda for Wednesday afternoon.

    Membership dues at the Y have really increased & I hesitate to join until I know what the heating costs are going to be this winter. Of course, now is the time I need something like the Y for kt to blow off steam. :smile:

    I'm also keeping my fingers crossed that respite is on for this next weekend.

    As I never got errands run yesterday, it's on the schedule for today. husband is taking his lunch break to run me to the pharmacy & a quick grocery run.

    Enjoy your Monday. Stay warm & hug your loved ones. :flower:
  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linday-I hope you are able to find enough activities for kt to do for the long weekend and that respite happens! :flower:

    It's back to work today and I still have so much to do for Thanksgiving that I'm wondering how it will all get done yet I know somehow it will.

    I still have more conferences to do so I will be at work until about 5:15, then I'll pick up easy child and head home to make dinner.

    After work husband is taking difficult child to a much needed psychiatrist appointment. He had been doing better but completely lost it yesterday. Wish I could be there too but I'll still be doing conferences.

    Hopefully husband and I will make it to the health club tonight :smile:

    I hope everyone experiences a no meltdown Monday :thanksgiving2: Hi if you snuck in. :flower:
  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, everybody.

    Linda, I know it might be a bit clichéd, but is there something kt can do with popcorn? maybe make crackerjack? You could argue, it does have a faint link to Thanksgiving, doesn't it?
    Or any other cooking exercise - kids often want to make the fun stuff, especially if there's a celebration.

    Sharon, sounds like you have a busy day ahead. I hope the psychiatrist goes well for difficult child.

    This afternoon I drove difficult child 1 to the boat, where he was to meet 'a client' for whom he was babysitting tonight. The plan was, they would all catch the 2pm boat together and travel together into the city. But the boat pulled in and still no sign of our friend and her children. So I drove back up the main street, to see her at the other end, struggling with the pram and her three boys. She had fallen and hurt her hand and knee, was still struggling, so I dashed back, got difficult child 1 and together we sat and worked out an alternative plan.
    Eventually we organised difficult child 1 to take the baby and the oldest boy, plus pram, on the 3pm boat, while I drove the mother and middle son ("to help mummy" and to stop difficult child 1 from being too overloaded) to the doctor. I had an appointment myself, so it was no trouble to drive them and that way, by the time difficult child 1 and the two boys got to the rendezvous, the mother should have seen the doctor and been treated.

    A bit busy, though.

    Also found out - last Saturday there was an article in the weekend newspaper about our artist friend whose sculptor wife died of cancer earlier this year. She had been working towards an exhibition, having put her own career on hold for 20 years to support her husband and raise their daughter. And just as she got started again - she became ill. So he has completed what she started, added in his own work and put an exhibition together.
    I managed to get a copy of the interview today, before the newsagent sent the old papers back.
    I hope to get to the exhibition

    A lovely man. So very sad to lose his wife this way. The exhibition, though, is a celebration of their love and separate talents. It should be amazing.

    Enjoy your Monday, everyone.

  4. Fran

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    Happy Monday before Turkey day everyone who celebrates. Just Happy Monday to those who don't.

    Linda, hopefully kt will be engaged in activities that are enjoyable around the house. Does she still need one on one babysitting? Is she able to handle just being home with mom doing normal type stuff for a 13yr old with her abilities?

    Wiped out you sure seem to have an impossible schedule set up for yourself. Order pizza tonight. Make sandwiches and soup.

    Margruerite, sounds like difficult child 1 handled all the chaos well. Sorry to hear about your friends wife. Hope you are feeling better.

    My mom is enjoying her visit. She seems to like N.C. as much as we do. She just fell for my 2 pups in a big way. She is so pleasant and positive that we keep wondering if she is nipping at happy juice somewhere.

    Monday before Thanksgiving has a long "to do" list in addition to normal Monday laundry and mail.
    We are hoping difficult child hears some news regarding his future. :thanksgivingday:

    Today feels like a good day. Hope yours is too.
  5. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone:coffee:,

    Linda, Roller skating sounds like fun! easy child went to a birthday party last weekend and the girls went roller skating. They had a great time!!! I hope you get respite this weekend. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

    Sharon, I hope the psychiatrist is able to help. I hope difficult child is stabilized soon!!! I hope you get a bit of time for yourself with your usual BUSY schedule. :treadmill: :bath:, etc...

    Marg, I'm so sorry to hear about your artist friend who lost his wife to cancer... The exhibit is an extremely beautiful way for him to celebrate the time he shared with her... I hope you get to go.

    It has been a bit of a rocky start today - easy child isn't feeling that good. However, she really isn't sick enough to stay home from school. She has her spelling team meeting after school and I hope she is able to attend it. It really is important that she is there.

    I have lots of running around to do today and a few phone calls to make. I've got to get to the grocery store. I want to make sure I have everything I need for Thanksgiving. I want to avoid the grocery store as much as possible after today. The checkout lines keep growing... Also, I've got piles of dirty laundry. The good news is that I've made lots of progress as far as my Christmas shopping goes. I'm really happy about this!!!

    I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today.:flower:WFEN :autumn: :blizzard: :thanksgivingday: