A very good Monday morning....

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    to everyone.


    It's to be another beautiful day (lower to mid 70's - wish I could get out & golf) today. After a string of weather like this I'm becoming spoiled a bit & will be sorely disappointed when I have to turn the furnace back on.

    The deck was finished yesterday & it's just perfect for my house. I'm sending out hand made thank you cards today or tomorrow. My dad, brothers, BILs & husband did such a good job. husband took pictures during construction (the before, during & after). The Bob's looked like they were having fun during the entire process. It's nice to see family just enjoy one another's company.

    It will be so easy to get out to my bird sanctuary & feed my favorite creatures. I can finally get a heated bird bath (I have a place to put it that close enough to the outlet) so my birds can have water during the winter months.

    Today is a day of nothing for which I'm thankful. It's a day to sleep until kt gets home from school. I have some ideas of what to throw in the crock pot; after that nap time.

    Have a wonderful Monday.
  2. Marguerite

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    Linda, I'm glad the deck has been finished for you, and while there is still some warm weather to enjoy it.

    We had a warmer day today, not hot enough to go out and do anything thank goodness, so difficult child 3's nose was kept to the grindstone. he is definitely working much better on this dose of medications. I must remember to let the psychiatrist know about this tomorrow. He's finally finished his overdue assignment and hopefully tomorrow I'll give him his overdue exam. It's still going to be head down, tail up time for a couple of weeks at least, in order to catch up.

    mother in law came home form hospital this afternoon, husband is about to go down to settle her into bed for the night. easy child 2/difficult child 2 is here to do some printing of assignments for college and I still need to talk to her about the job interview I have lined up for her next week.

    Busy, busy...

    Enjoy your Monday.

  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :autumn: Good Monday Morning!

    It's No Meltdown Monday.....

    Linda, glad to hear the Bobs got the deck/ramp completed over the weekend. Glad you have a day of nothing today - I just had two of those!!!!

    Marg, sounds like your Monday was a little less hectic than your Sunday! Glad the medication change is working well for difficult child 3. There's not much school left is there? Glad mother in law is home.

    It's Monday so.......I actually did laundry yesterday afternoon. I was kinda doing nothing so I thought I would do a load or two. The most productive thing accomplished all weekend! I'll hit the grocer after the gym because I want to make some mushroom soup and I need some baby bellas. After that I'll just do the "home" stuff. The kids are excited to be out of school tomorrow.

    easy child is especially excited since she will be voting for the first time. She has a window sticker and bumper sticker of her candidate of choice, as well as has been wearing a button the last two weeks! When she went down to the university on Saturday, she stopped by the campaign office and got a bunch of pages of stickers to hand out at school. It's great to see the young ones so pumped up about voting. I hope this sets a trend for their age group in the future. For too long voters have stayed home either believing their vote didn't count or they just didn't care.

    Have a good Monday all - remember the no meltdown part :please:

  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-The deck sounds great and it's wonderful everyone had so much fun putting it together. It's good to be around family!:)

    Marg-Glad to hear difficult child is busy getting his work caught up and that the medications are helping. I was gone for a bit and somehow missed your mother in law was in the hospital. I'm glad she is home and hopefully on the mend.

    It is going to be unseasonably warm here today with temps up to 70! We are to get more of the same for tomorrow and Wednesday before the bottom drops out and our forecasted high is in the 30s! I'm glad the weather will be nice for voters tomorrow. I hope we have a great turnout of voters!

    After work difficult child has a therapist appointment at home and then I might try to get in a workout depending on my back which is much better than a week ago but definitely has its moments.

    Wishing everyone a day filled with smiles and laughter.:peaceful:
  5. Wiped Out

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    Hi Sharon-you snuck in on me! Glad to hear easy child is excited about voting for the first time!! Enjoy your day!
  6. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Linda, I'm happy your deck is finished and your family enjoyed some quality time together.

    Marg, I'm glad the new dose of medications is working for difficult child 3 and that your mother in law is home from the hospital.

    Sharon (LDM), I think its great that easy child is getting so politically involved. I love mushroom soup - What time is dinner, lol?

    Sharon (WO), I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. If you go to the gym, PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!! Don't try to do too much!!!

    I have a very stressful week ahead. Today is the only day with not too much on the agenda. I'm going to do some laundry, finish cleaning out my bedroom closet - I keep putting it off but need to rearrange things so I can easily locate warmer clothing. It's getting cooler around here... I have to make lots of calls concerning our health insurance - We recently switched to a cheaper plan taking a gamble that we wouldn't need expensive testing, etc., through the rest of the year. Well, the best made plans have a way of falling apart - I had a doctor's appointment. Friday and unfortunately have to have some more tests done tomorrow. I'm a bit scared but will post about it at another time...

    I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or smile today...:autumn: WFEN:
  7. Happy Monday Everyone!

    Linda, I can't wait to hear about your easier visits to your bird sanctuary! The hand made cards are a beautiful touch; and I know that they will be appreciated.

    Marg, it does sound very busy at your place! I know that both you and difficult child will be relieved when his work is done. It's good to hear that mother in law is back home, and I hope that her recovery is quick. Fingers are crossed for the job possibility for easy child...

    Sharon 1, I hear you about the "no meltdown"... None are planned here...LOL. Your day sounds good - enjoy the gym. I'm so glad to hear that easy child is "pumped" about voting. I am too :)

    Sharon 2, I hope that going for a workout is possible... do watch that back.

    WFEN, I know what you mean about those seasonal chores. I enjoy them less and less every year - I can see the attraction of living in a tropical area with no seasons LOL...
    I hope that the insurance calls go as well as possible.

    It is an absolutely beautiful, sunny day here. I am enjoying my extra hour of sleep..."falling back" is my favorite time change. We had a wonderful visit with easy child. He's really fun to have around. difficult child has tomorrow off from school - those days are always good days! I'm working at home today - no traffic- no worries. I may even work in a lunch trip to the YMCA for a workout.

    Have a great day everyone!!!
  8. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Morning my friends, it is a glorious autumn day in my corner of the world. It's over cast but even that doesn't diminish the glow of the trees that surround my house with color.

    TM, it's wonderful to have a deck that allows you access to the beautiful world outside. What a wonderful gift your "guys" gave you and the birds.

    Marguerite, glad to hear that difficult child is doing more work on his medications. It's difficult seeing them struggle. Hope m i l has a quick rebound from her hospitalization.

    LDM, I must have channeled you. I started laundry yesterday too. Fortunately, with the glorious weather we did a long 2.5 mile trail walk with the puppies. They were exhausted and I was thirsty. It was great to explore a new state park nearby.
    Could you send me the mushroom soup recipe? I'd like to try it. I never made it before.

    Wiped out, enjoy the weather. I know my sister is already bemoaning the cold that will inevitably be here.

    WFEN, sounds like a high stress day/week for you. Hope things go smoothly.

    I'm back from Galveston. The badly damaged house is still badly damaged but I got on a hight ladder and went in. I could only walk on the half that wasn't leaning towards the ground. It's sad. Lots of ceiling, floor and wall cracks. : ( I'm going to try to empty the contents and surround it with construction fencing until the city, state,feds decide what I need to do.

    In the meantime, mom needs femoral art. bypass surgery for her leg. The angiogram is next Wed. Fortunately baby bro is off those two days. I'll drive up and attend to mom when she has surgery for a few weeks. Hopefully soon so she is not in pain any longer than necessary. Sisters will come to stay after my turn. I may be heading out of town sooner than I had thought.

    difficult child drove 5 hrs by himself to Virginia Beach to visit a friend and attend the families Halloween Party. I was proud of him since he was nervous to do this alone. He did well and is quite proud of himself. I enjoyed a weekend of rest and peace.

    Today is a busy day of appts. with workers for the house and myself. Laundry is started.

    Have a productive monday. Don't let them see you sweat.
  9. Andy

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    Timer - I am glad the deck was completed. Remember to sign "the birds" to your thank you notes.

    Marg - Good to hear difficult child 3 is doing better. Glad mother in law is home.

    Little Dude's Mom - Enjoy your day. It does feel good to wake up and remember that something you planned to do is already done.

    Wiped Out - I am glad your back is settling down. How did it do on your weekend trip?

    Wishing - Take care of yourself. I hope your week is not as stressful as it looks.

    One Day - I wish our schools were out tomorrow instead of today. I also heard wishing about the Presidential Election days to be national holidays to give people more time to vote. Our state workers can take time from work in the mornings to encourage people to vote early.

    Fran - I am sorry about your house. I hope your mom gets through with very little pain. 5 hours driving alone is an experience. My easy child did a 4 hour drive in the middle of nowhere last Spring (She was 17 yrs). I made her contact me when she got to the big towns (1 - 2 hours apart).

    difficult child does not have school today. I wanted to take the vehicle to Fargo for oil change and one other maintance item (can never remember what it is - I let the garage tell me what is due). husband doesn't want me to drive there just for that. However, I believe today will be the last of the very best fall weather days that I have the opportunity to do this. I don't have time for this when difficult child has therapist appts because we usually have to get back home for something going on in the evening. husband may be able to take it tomorrow but then I will not have my van for a few days while he works out of town this week. I better call husband and talk about this again.

    I am debating - should I go into work for a few minutes? I think I will just call in though am not sure when the staff I need to talk to will be there. Yesterday's duties came up with an issue that will be a major PITA for staff to deal with today. I left e-mails but don't know how soon those will be opened. I am so glad I went in yesterday - That task would have been terrible to do today.

    Everyone have a great day - Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.
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  10. Kjs

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    Good Morning everyone

    Linda, isn't it nice when the family works on a project and it turns out so nice. Something you can appreciate for years to come. Hope they are all proud of their hard work.

    Marg - hope mother in law is feeling better. School is always a sensitive issue here. Hope all the work gets made up.

    Sharon - LOL, my easy child is so gung ho about voting too. This will be his second presidential election. Although he tells me he knows EVERYTHING about politics because he went to college...like life experience doesn't count.

    Sharon - yep, we are in wisconsin and the weather is wonderful. I do believe it will definately help with the voting turnout tomorrow.

    Today difficult child has a full day of school. Then final exam's on Tuesday and Wednesday so they get out at lunch. (they can't go all day if they take a test. too hard on the kids...LOL)

    I work at school for lunch today, then taking down my halloween decorations. I have the inside of my house all decked out. LOTS. Thinking about putting up the xmas lights this week with the warm weather. Sure would beat doing it in the cold weather. Just wouldn't turn them on for a month!

    Have a great day.