A very good Saturday morning, friends....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, May 24, 2008.

  1. timer lady

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    & fellow warrior parents. :warrior:

    :coffee: The HMJ is brewing & I'm awake & alert this morning. I'm at the end of my 2nd week of titrating down off the prednisone & using the methotrexate. I can feel a difference ~ can't describe it. All I can say is that I'm less exhausted than last week but feeling a great deal more pain. Ughhhh! I won't let it get me down though; I hate prednisone & I want off.

    I'm heading out for a small grocery run this morning with kt complete with a stop at Target. kt did extra chores this week & wants to spend half of her hard earned allowance on a new Sims Pet game. It's been approved by husband so out we go.

    husband's b/day is tomorrow so I have to get the makings for his birthday cheesecake & dinner of ribs with garlic potato wedges. It's a tradition that's 20 years strong. He's taken up playing guitar again so he's out to pick up a new electric guitar.

    We're becoming quite the musical family here. I'm the "leper" playing piano & painting , while kt & husband are playing guitar.

    Have a good weekend friends.... here's to a day with sunshine & cooperative difficult children. :playingball:
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    :bbq:Good Morning!!! It's Memorial Day weekend and the official start of the summer!!!

    Linda, glad you are feeling less exhausted than before, but the increase in pain is disconcerting. Here's hopes that the pain begins to lessens. Hope husband has a great birthday!

    A nice day planned here. easy child and I will hit the gym shortly. On the way home we will stop at Lowes for a plant. Her boyfriend's grandmother lives about 5 minutes from the river house she is spending the weekend at. She will visit her this afternoon and wanted to take her something. The boy said she loves gardening so......

    She heads out about noon until Monday night. I'm going to take apart and clean the grill this morning and then get my cushions for the patio out of winter storage!! difficult child and I will go see the Indiana Jones movie this afternoon.

    Tomorrow I have three friends coming over for a cookout. I'm doing healthy stuff!!!!

    Other than that, I have a very quiet holiday weekend - I'm sure there will be a nap or two in here somewhere.

    Have a great weekend :picnic:

  3. smallworld

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    Good morning all. Happy Memorial Day weekend to our American friends on the board.

    Linda, hang in there with the medication changes. Hope husband enjoys his birthday.

    Sharon, hope easy child has a fun weekend. Enjoy the movie this afternoon (and the rest of your summery activities).

    We're expecting a beautiful sunny weekend in the Nation's Capital. Our community pool opens this weekend, but temps haven't warmed up so much that I feel like jumping right in. We may wait a weekend or two for that.

    Not too much on the agenda today. M has cello lessons and then hip hop dance class, as she normally does every Saturday. Later we're taking J and his friend out to dinner to celebrate his birthday, which occurred at the beginning of May. We just couldn't fit it into the schedule until now. I'm hoping to fit in some exercise along the way.

    Hope you have a peaceful day. Hi if you snuck in.
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    Good Morning,

    Linda-Glad you aren't as exhausted but I hope the pain starts to lessen as well. It's great that you are all playing musical instruments-sounds like fun!

    Sharon-Sounds like a great day ahead! I think it is so cool that easy child goes to the gym with you! We're going to the Indiana Jones movie today too. Enjoy those naps!

    SW-Sounds like a busy but nice day. Enjoy dinner!

    We are having a quiet weekend here but the weather is suppose to be beautiful! The whole family is going to see the Indiana Jones movie this morning-cheaper prices than the afternoon. At some point we will hit the health club and a nap is definitely in order as husband and I were up till about 1:30 in the morning. We watched Schindler's List. Hadn't seen it since opening day back in the early 90s. It's such a sad movie.

    Tonight we're going to our niece's for dinner as husband's sister is in town visiting.

    Wishing everyone a day filled with smiles and fun:playingball:
  5. Marguerite

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    G'day, people. It sounds like you are all having a wonderful weekend.

    Linda, the music sounds great. And where would guitarists be, without a pianist to give them the note so they can tune up? Happy birthday for husband, it sounds like a delicious dinner planned.

    Sharon/LDM, I hope easy child can find a nice plant. What about something herbal? There are some really attractive but useful plants, including some unusual ones. Enjoy the movie later, and the cookout tomorrow.

    Smallworld, enjoy the start of summer. I hope you get in the exercise you want.

    Sharon/Wiped, you're heading to see Indie as well? I hope you get some sleep - NOT in the movie!

    Last night when we were talking, easy child said she wanted to go to the mall this morning so that's what we did. It's her birthday weekend, so we're letting her set the agenda. At the mall we bought her some more games for her PS2, then bought some food for dinner tonight - pork is still cheap at the butcher at the mall, so we cooked a leg of pork and roasted a tray full of vegetables. We cooked it at mother in law's place, I love her oven, it saved us at least an hour or more. Then I baked a tray of fancy biscuits (I was playing with two flavours of biscuit dough, cutting out insert shapes and swapping them over, for two-tone stars and hearts). We'd bought a Blackforest cake for easy child's birthday and we've had a lovely day together, celebrating it. A pity easy child 2/difficult child 2 & BF2 were working, but they COULD have come home too, to have dinner with us. Still, they'll be with us tomorrow when the games continue - Wii Fitness plus SingStar in mother in law's living room, while I bake more biscuits and mother in law bakes one of her fabulous meat pies.

    We were going to see "The Black Balloon" at the cinema, as easy child hasn't seen it (the movie didn't go to Newcastle) but it looks like it's finally finished in the cinemas. Well, at least that means it will be available on DVD soon. I really hope the movie goes to the US - not just because our kids are in it, but also because it's a really good film especially for people who need to understand what it's like to live with autism. Interestingly, Luke Ford who plays the autistic brother in "The Black Balloon" is playing the now-adult Alex O'Connell in the new "Mummy" movie. He's a really good actor.

    Enjoy your holiday weekend, all of you in the US.

  6. dreamer

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    Linda, don't get too discouraged, the methotrexate can take several weeks to show it is helping. Hope the outing to Target is pleasant. Sims is big in my house, altho I do not play it (I do not play videogames) Hmm, I got a guitar 2 years ago for Mothers Day and have not yet played much, maybe I will get it out and see what I can do? :) Happy Birthday to your husband. My husbands birthday tradition from me is pineapple upside down cake. I was thinking yesterday, wow, I cannot believe how long it has been---um- I mean how many bdays we have celebrated together, LOL.
    LDM- a plant sounds thoughtful. What a nice idea! You sure do sound busy! We will be participating in the Memorial Service here...not sure what we might do after that. I considered a cook out, but Mon, I think we might get some nasty weather, maybe we can cook out tomorrow? Care to share your healthy menu? I was thining of testing out some grilled veggies...never did that before, but it sounds good. Maybe some zuchinni and red onions and peppers? I have heard pineapple and peaches are also yummy grilled. Maybe I could make some kebobs? A little chicken for husband and kids and veggies galore for me? THANKS for the idea!!! I was thinking last nite of makeing some sun tea and then pureeing a peach or 2 to swirl into it, or maybe useing some mint from my garden, cannot remember why I grew mint, I do not even use it! LOL.

    Smallworld, you sound busy, too! They do hip hop dance at our HS for gym class.....and yeah, our pools opened and the beaches in the city opened today but BRRRR!!!! (it was in 30s some of the nites this past week)

    Wiped Out, wow, yes, that is a sad movie. I have not seen any Indiana Jones movies......gosh, you sound busy, too! LOL-----um, we are the 5 of us just hanging out here, LOL....same old----till Monday, I think. Hmm, possible my cousins kid has a grad party today or tomorrow? YIKES, LOL......well, not sure if we are going, the kids do not want to, husband has not gone to anything in YEARS.....if I go, it could be ...interesting......considering family dynamics of the last several years....and nope, easy child is not haveing a grad party at all.....

    Marg, are biscuits same as our cookies? The other day difficult child and I went on an adventure to a couple stores we never go to-----Woodmans, Trader Joes and a huge multi ethnic grocery. We also stopped at this little French Patisserie run by Nuns. We saw some wonderful looking things everywhere. Brought home these things called rainbow cookies, but are more like very vibrant colored petit fours...Yes, I had one...OMG so intense, fruit taste moist and dark chocolate outside. (altho they had open sides so you could see the rainbows) Earlier in the week, I made some new recipe for cookies for husband and kids, altho kids did not like them, husband did...Lemon coolers. My kids LOVE when I make pecan balls, which is very similar, but ground pecans instead of lemon zest, but they do not like the lemon. I also got some almond stars at the french patisserie. I LOVE making cookies.
    So- you are also going to see a movie? Gosh, we never go to movies, LOL- altho our drive inn movie theatre opened for the season this weekend. I do try to go there once in the season. Not for the movie but rather just for the drive inn itself, LOL.

    Well, everyone have a wonderful weekend!