A very good Sunday morning to you.....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Apr 6, 2008.

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    We had a beautiful day yesterday - the temps hit 64 degrees. :woohoo: kt spent the day outside working on cleaning up the winter mess from Sally; she also cleaned up around my bird feeders. I so appreciated her taking the initiative to do this.

    Not that there isn't a price to be paid - her new cell phone arrives on Monday & she can download MP3 songs on it. Well, I told her as a reward that she could get on line with me & pick out the music she wanted to load. However, I never brought that up until after she was done.

    We broiled salmon last night for dinner; that along with a sweet potato & a nice chef salad made for a wonderful but simple dinner. (husband was in charge of the salmon - he always does wonders with salmon.)

    I'm not sure I'll get much done today - haven't been to sleep yet. I expect it will be a sleepy day for me. It's to be a day of rest anyway.

    Enjoy your Sunday.

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    Get some sleep, Linda. The phone for kt sounds good, can you download music from the computer? We're still trying to get all our CDs into iTunes so I can load stuff onto my iPod. Because the kids do it that way to (for their iPods) it gives me a chance to vet their music.

    Daylight saving finished today, for us. We had a lovely sleep-in! It was an overcast day today, not much hope of filming people swimming (for difficult child 3's school film project). We offloaded the old futon that easy child 2/difficult child 2 & BF2 have been sleeping on; they bought themselves a bed at last, the mattress arrived on Tuesday. Today was a village garage sale to raise money for special equipment at the local doctor's surgery.

    Today was the first Sunday of the month, and open day for a lot of our local artists. This afternoon husband, mother in law & I dropped in on our neighbour the artist to see how his latest project is going. It's a very large mural, commissioned by the government of a neighbouring country. He's got another couple of months on it but needs at least one month with it all in one piece so he can complete it properly - until now, he's had to paint it in separate sections. It's been amazing to watch him work on this over the past year. He's got two other artists working with him, including his wife. When it's been officially released etc there should be a picture on a website somewhere, I'll post the link when there is one.
    It's been such a privilege to watch the progress of this work, from the original sketch to the early charcoal on the canvas to what we see now - amazing detail, every face relevant, hundreds of faces in all, spanning the history and culture of this country.

    There are some days which just stick in your mind as days to never forget.

    I hope your Sunday is as uplifting as ours was.

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-Sounds like a lovely day yesterday. Isn't it amazing when there is finally a beautiful spring day and the outdoors beckon? I'm sure kt will enjoy her new songs and cell phone.

    Marg-I'm glad you had such a wonderful day. I will be looking forward to seeing the mural when you post the link. It sounds beautiful!

    We too had spring weather here yesterday in the 60s. It does wondrous things for one's mood. husband and I enjoyed the play we went to. difficult child was all over the place and husband commented how we needed to call respite next week to see when we could get him in. Someone must have been listening because about 5 minutes later respite called to say they had a cancellation and if we wanted we could bring him in for the next 5 hours. That never happens!! Of course, we jumped at it.

    I'm headed to church in a bit and then the health club (with my nap and the play yesterday we never made it-not a good thing). Other than that and a visit to the grocery store nothing much is planned except, of course, a nap!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful Sunday!

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    :coffee: Good Sunday Morning Friends!

    I agree with Linda, Sunday should be a day of rest! We get so busy and wrapped up in our lives, we forget the benefit for everyone in family to have a day of family, no errands, few expectations, and just plain down time. Some of my greatest memories were the times we would head to church as a family, hit the drug store for a paper on the way home, and then just hang out. We watched Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom and then the Wonderful World of Disney as a family on Sunday night. It's bond building time.

    Linda, nice to hear that kt took initiative and helped out yesterday. Sometimes those molments sneak in when least expected!

    Marg, sounds like a lovely Sunday for you and the family. Can't wait to see the mural.

    Sharon, sounds like you have a great day planned. Don't you just love Sundays!

    No Sunday school class this morning, but we have worship at 11. easy child is doing some double duty today. She is serving as a junior deacon, but also doing a service project for the education department. She is taking black and white photos in the nursery of each child and then some interacting shots. She will enlarge the prints, get them framed (she will be reimbursed for the cost of printing and framing) and then they will be hung in the nursery. So she will be running back and forth this morning!

    difficult child and I have about 30 minutes of review for some 9-week assessments he's having this week. easy child is going to see Rent with a friend later and difficult child wants me to watch I Legend with him.

    A nice relaxing Sunday! Wishing you the same! :bigsmile: