A very good Sunday morning :-)

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by dreamer, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. dreamer

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    Wishng you all a very good Sunday!
    Actually, I am just crawling in bed for a nap..foods ready.....gifts are wrapped.decorations ready to go....today is the Big Day, the baby shower for easy child and my first grandchild. The whole family is so excited.
    I have no idea what the weather is like, LOL, been cooking and baking, the girls made some adorable rolled and cut cookies in all ikinds of baby shapes, in miniature and then painted them all. I made 2 shower cakes.....and we cooked and made trays etc.....

    Anyway.wishing a good day to you all.
  2. klmno

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    Good morning, Dreamer! What an exciting day for you and easy child! That sounds like so much fun- preparing for it as well as experiencing the shower. She will be so happy!

    I can't sleep- I tried. I need to because the tech is coming later to fix a phone line. I have tons of preparations to do for the upcoming week, but I'm sitting here mulling things over. difficult child says maybe it's me that's bipolar when I can't sleep or when I'm overly-anxious and talking a mile a minute- LOL!
  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, friends.

    Dreamer, I hope the baby shower goes well. The cooking binge sounds like fun. My sister rang me this morning to say she had another grandchild, and her first granddaughter.

    klmno, I'm sorry you can't sleep. I learned long ago that getting anxious about counting minutes of lost sleep was only making me worse, so I long ago stopped counting. I have since found that sometimes I can still function quite well even if I haven't had my quota of sleep (or anything like it) and that eventually, my body catches up one way or another. While I TRY to make sure I get a good night's sleep before a busy day, my pain levels often don't let me; I compensate by catnapping, Salvador Dali style. I don't recommend it but it's better than nothing.

    We had another sunny day in paradise today. A bit cool, especially late afternoon at the beach. I went for a swim but at the last minute changed my mind, the breeze put me off. I still waded out to splash my face, though (and was glad I was wearing my swimsuit, I did get splashed thoroughly).

    I wore single-use contact lenses today, for the first time ever. I've worn contact lenses before, I first wore them back in 1975 and things have changed a bit since then. I still don't like throwing them out so casually; I know I could maintain them for much longer. However, the 7 day lenses haven't been a great success, my eyes get sore and tired after only about 4 hours. But today - I kept the lenses on for 8 hours! I wore them to church this morning, intending to go for a swim after church but we got too busy chatting to people over lunch. One bloke there is a regular visitor from England. He lives in the south on the coast, but he said that the day he left (about two days ago) it was minus 7 C (19.4 F) on waking; on the south coast! Of course, even colder when he got to London. He's come to visit his Aussie friends to thaw out. As we left church after lunch, he was already heading into the sea for his first dip.
    Then we got back home and I was busy letting my kids know about their new cousin (first cousin once removed). So husband & I didn't get to the beach until 5 pm! We'll have to try for an earlier time tomorrow, if we get back from the city in time. Still, at least we got the gardens watered - I did our garden (still in my swimsuit) while he did mother in law's. I do love our summertime, with the later sunset.

    husband is on holiday for the next week, so I hope to get him to the beach at least some time. He's not much of a beachgoer, he burns too readily. But he should do OK with sunscreen.

    Tomorrow I have to take difficult child 3 & myself back to the optometrist to get the rest of our eye testing done. I can't remember if I booked difficult child 3 in as well, but he's coming with us anyway. I need husband there to drive me, because they warned me I'm getting drops put in. They're worrying a bit about possible detaching retina problems. husband has a list of tasks we need to do while we're out (including buying a new swimsuit for himself and possibly difficult child 3). We'll need to buy fresh fruit & vegetables too. Then it will be just the usual pottering around. I know my eyes will be sore by then, because the eye drops they have to use all have preservatives in them, and tye make my eyes really inflamed. A pest, indeed. Oh well, needs must.

    I should go wash my hair to get the accumulated salt and suntan oil out of it; or I could do it in the morning. Oh, the inertia of holidays!

    Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

  4. Andy

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    Dreamer - What a very fun day planned. Baby showers are so much fun and you have put a lot into this one - it is going to be awesome.

    Klmno - You have so much going on. I can understand why it is hard to sleep. The pressures you are under are real and you want to put every minute into getting rid of those pressures. Try to schedule times to relax and shut out all those pressures. Focus on yourself just before bedtime. I hope you can sleep soon.

    Marg - Congratulations on the new baby in the family. I hope your eyes are not too sore for too long. I hate the eye drops.

    I stayed up way too late last night watching a movie. Then, naughty puppy started whining at 2:00 am. What a total brat this diva puppy is sometimes! Non-easy child diva will not let puppy sleep with her and puppy wasn't wanting to sleep with difficult child. The whining (or maybe my yelling at puppy?) finally woke up difficult child who tried to get puppy into his room. When I scold diva puppy, she just stands there looking at me with the "What are you talking about? I totally don't understand what you want of me." attitude. I think non-easy child diva may have finally let puppy into her room.

    I have to try to get to church early today to review my Sunday School lesson. Our church has a sleigh ride this afternoon. I didn't sign us up but I am sure we can still join in. Then, difficult child has a sleepover at a friend's. I have to help him get his things ready for that. I will then go into work to hopefully finish the Pharmacy bill and figure out what to do about the annual plan that is ready for signatures. I have a feeling today is going to fly by!

    Everyone have a great day today! Find a way to make your kids laugh!

  5. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Dreamer- I hope the shower goes well!

    Klmno- I hope you were able to get a little sleep. I usually find it helps if I make a detailed list of what I need to do because it makes me feel a little more in control, then I can fall asleep.

    Marg- Glad the contact lenses work. They are my next step as I really have a hard time wearing glasses. None seem to fit properly.

    Andy- My difficult child-kitty does stuff like that.

    Duckie and I are skipping church. husband is going (now that's a switch, lol!). There's a potluck breakfast, our annual meeting, and a late communion service. It's also Duckie's birthday party, so I opted out. It's at least 1.5 hours of reports being read to the congregation and I'd be expected to keep the parish kids quiet and happy during that time since I'm the Sunday School teacher. So I decided I couldn't be there. This saying "No" to stuff is really helping my stress level.

    Then on to Duckie's bowling party this afternoon! There should be twenty-eight girls there. It's going to be nuts!!!

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
  6. LittleDudesMom

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    :frozen: Good Sunday Morning Friends!! :frozen:

    Dreamer, sounds like a wonderful day ahead - what joy! Have a great time.

    klmno, you do have a lot on your mind - it's no wonder you are doing a lot of thinking. I hope you are getting some sleep right now and the rest of your day is peaceful.

    Marg, contacts certainly have changed in the last 30 years - I can tell you that even changing brands will affect comfort. My doctor lets you try a free sample until you (or I imagine if you) find the ones that work for you. I do not wear mine at night and I don't usually wear them on the weekends - makes them last almost twice as long!!! Hope you can get husband to beach this coming week!

    Adrianne, I stayed up late as well. I ended up watching SNL with difficult child, then easy child came in with two friends and we sat and talked a little. I didn't head upstairs until about 1:30! I would say you should take a nap today but it sounds like you have a busy day planned.

    Tired, HAPPY BIRTHDAY :hapBday: to Duckie!!!!!! 28 little girls, you definately don't follow the one guest per year of age rule!!!!!! Hope the day goes smoothly and you are able to kick your feet up and rest this evening!!!!

    Nothing planned today except going to water fitness class at 4:30. Other than that, it's as the mood hits!! Just the kind of Sunday I work hard all week for!

    Enjoy your Sunday and your extended weekend. Stay warm!!

  7. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Good Morning,

    Dreamer-Enjoy the day-it sounds like it will be a wonderful shower!

    Klmno-I hope you are able to get some rest today. With everything you have going on it's understandable you are having difficulty sleeping. Take care of you today.

    Marg-I hope your eye appointment. goes well. I'm glad the single use contact worked well for you today. I've been thinking I might like to try contacts at some point.

    Andy-Sounds like a busy day for you. The sleigh ride sounds fun!

    TM-Twenty-eight girls-bless your heart! Happy Birthday Duckie!!

    Sharon-Sounds like a nice day for you! You deserve it!

    We had a lot of fun playing games last night with our friends that came over. Lots of good food too though not much healthy-oh well!

    Just got back from church and am heading back to sleep. Hopefully husband and I will make it to the health club-we did so much cleaning yesterday we never made it.

    We pick up difficult child today around 2:00 and then around 5:30 he has religious ed class. He called yesterday, said he was having no fun and was crying when he talked to husband. We told him to try and enjoy, that we loved him and would see him tomorrow (now today).

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.:peaceful:

  8. Good morning, all! Another busy day lined up. Hope everyone has a good one!
  9. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    Dreamer, that sounds wonderful! You will have a great day.

    Klmno, I get like that, too. Not sure if it's bipolar or just regular anxiety. :) No more coffee for you! :)

    Marg, I'm so glad the single-use contacts work for you. That's great!
    It's neat that you can spend so much time at the beach. Wonderful. You live such full days and always make such good use of your time.

    TM, Nancy Reagan had no idea that "Just Say No" would be used by tired moms everywhere, LOL! I hope the party goes well. Enjoy!

    SharonLittleDude, oooh, I should be doing water aerobics. Good for you!

    SharonWiped, aw, poor difficult child. I know today will be better.

    Running, I hope you accomplish your tasks but don't wear yourself out.

    I had a long night of nightmares and night terrors (where you're half awake and can't move) and then awoke to a strange morning (I will post separately) but overall, it will turn out okay and I will finish a painting today.

    I am seriously craving chocolate and may have to run to the store ...