A very good Sundy morning....

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  1. timer lady

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    A very good Sunday morning friends & fellow warrior parents. :good_morning:

    The hmj is brewing & smelling heavenly:coffee: ~ come on over for a cuppa brew & I believe I'm in the mood to bake lemon poppyseed muffins this morning. (We'll see how long that lasts! :rofl:).

    husband & I went out to visit with wm yesterday. wm & I started working on a paint by numbers kit (he wants to be a "artist like mom" as long as he can draw & paint weapons.) We'll the painting we'll be working on is a pleasant ocean scene with cool fish & whales. wm loved it.

    kt gets home from respite @ 3 this afternoon ~ still have a bit of time to dink around before she hits the front door.

    Have a peaceful day; may it be filled with cooperation & love for family today. :flowers:
  2. LittleDudesMom

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    :lady: Good Sunday Morning Linda and all to follow!

    Linda, you are certainly sounding chipper this morning! Glad you had a nice visit with wm. I know it's been awhile. It's great that you could sit down and do something you both enjoy. Enjoy the last few hours of respite. Sounds like kt did well with her first week of high school!

    Kinda lazy day here. Drying out from all the Hannah rain we had yesterday. Church at 11, then easy child will stay for a skit rehearsal she is in for Sunday school promotion Sunday next week. Her boyfriend is driving up today and will be here right after church. She has to work from 4 to 6 so I think he and difficult child are hanging then. difficult child really likes her boyfriend and I think it makes him feel older hanging with them! Fortunately, boyfriend likes difficult child and is really good with him. I think they will be playing thew Wii.

    I'll go to the gym at 4:30 for class - that's the only structured thing on my schedule this afternoon!

    Wishing all a relaxing Sunday :peaceful:

  3. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Linda- I'm glad you had a great visit with wm. I used to love paint by number kits!

    Sharon- It sounds like you've had a very relaxing weekend. Have fun at church and the gym.

    I'll be leaving shortly to help set up for our annual outdoor service/Sunday School registration/potluck at church this morning. After that, we're going to a birthday/football party. It should be fun... at least the rain has stopped.

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-It's great you had such a nice visit with Wm doing something you both enjoy:painter: I'm glad you have a few hours of respite left-enjoy!

    Sharon-Lazy Sundays are the best!:D It's great easy child's boyfriend will hang with difficult child. Enjoy your workout:treadmill:

    Yesterday our football team won so we were glad for that. My niece came over for dinner and I made enchiladas-yummm even though they weren't healthy.

    This morning I'm heading to church. Later I will hit the health club and also help a friend move some things-she is getting some carpeting and needs help moving furniture.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful Sunday:peaceful:
  5. Andy

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    Timer lady - I'm on my way for those muffins - I will bring hot chocolate. I also want to work on a paint by number. My painting skills aren't great but I do know my numbers.

    Little Dude's Mom - It is so good for difficult child's to have a older kid who are good at hanging out with them. They can be such good role models.

    Tired Mommy - Have a great time at the pot luck and the party.

    Wiped Out - We also had enchilladas yesteday. Have a great day!

    This morning is my 1st day of Sunday School for the year. I will be making the story of Worship in the Tabernacle fun and interesting for PK - 6th grade?? Figured if I can pull this lesson off then the rest of the year is do-able. difficult child and I are going in early to set up the registration/sign-in table and find the cookies I bought to serve today. I am looking forward to this morning - The kids can always make me feel good.

    Everyone have a great day! September is here! Are we settled into our Fall (or Spring for Marg and others) schedule?

  6. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    Linda, sounds like things are under control today and you sound much more rested. Way To Go. :)
    Sharon, great that boyfriend likes difficult child. What more can you ask for? :)
    SharonLDM, potlucks are always fun. Enjoy.
    Andy, glad you like your Sun School teaching. husband teaches 8th gr SS in the summer.

    Glad everyone is dried off today!

    It's our 29th wedding anniv and we're going out to dinner tonight.
  7. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day, people.

    Linda, that painting session with wm sounds like it was really productive. Maybe he would benefit from a book on cartooning technique - anything that helps him with his drawing skills. And kids like cartooning.

    Sharon/LDM, the Sunday School skit sounds like it will be fun. It's good that difficult child and boyfriend get on so well - we've found it really a good measure of how likely a boyfriend is to last, when they make an effort to get on with difficult child 3.

    TM, the church pot luck sounds good; I always enjoyed these. We don't seem to have many of these lately, although we do have meals at church. One woman who is a really good caterer and who loves to cook, generally volunteers. She's also volunteered to cook for difficult child 1's wedding (as long as we pay for the food).

    Sharon/WO, congrats on your team winning yesterday. And today - do you still need to go to the gym today, if you're also going to be moving furniture?

    Andy, your Sunday School lesson sounds interesting.

    Terry, happy anniversary!

    I got in plenty of exercise today. husband used his morning assembling the queen-sized bed we were given at church a fortnight ago. difficult child 1 & girlfriend didn't think they'd want it, because it looked like it would be too low. Actually, it's a good height off the floor. If they don't want it we can certainly use a spare bed for when family come to stay - but we'll go with whatever happens.
    While husband was bed-assembling, I visited mother in law and put her plants in the garden for her. That is when I discovered that she had already emptied the HUGE bucket of chicken manure we'd taken down for her a few days ago - she had spread it around her favourite plants to give them a feed, but had used it as if she were top-dressing, or mulching. I explained it to her as a 'salad' analogy - if you have a bowl of lettuce then adding tomato as well is like adding mulch to a garden - you can add a lot and there will still be balance. But adding manure or fertiliser - it's like adding croutons. And she had buried the trunks of her plants under six inches of manure!

    Later, husband & I went back down there (I had been watering in the plant poison, for bindi-eyes, aka bindis) and husband went round and removed most of the manure to try to save her plants. She then began weeding - and I had to stop her from pulling out the wrong plants, it turns out she's been weeding out the daisies I planted for her last autumn, and at the same time complaining at the lack of ground cover. I have to constantly stop her from weeding out ground cover and in some areas she's succeeded in killing her favourite plants (because she was trying to clear the soil around them - but we live on pure sand, we HAVE to keep ground cover around our plants, or they dry out).

    We keep telling her, but she keeps forgetting. Old habits die hard, and she grew up with clay soils and English thinking. Not good for a sandy Australian landscape.

    So what with poisoning bindis, planting new trees and bushes, supervising manure spreading, weeding and pruning - I'm tired. And very sore. I did manage to walk to a neighbour's house to collect a new water lily plant for our pond. Plus I walked to mother in law's twice today, so I've managed a lot more walking than I usually do as well. And the bindi treatment - I did our place especially outside the front gate, and outside the front of both places next door (either side). The neighbours were very happy with this and saw it as me doing a kind deed. But there is an ulterior motive - in our area we regularly get hikers, they walk along our street. And as they walk, their feet (shod or bare) pick up bindis. Bare feet with bindis - it hurts, so the people stop, remove the bindis and drop them. The seeds then germinate where they fall and if it's OUR front lawn, then it's OUR kids (and my bare feet too) that suffer. We've had house rules which required all bindi seeds to be saved and either dropped on the tarred road, or put in the rubbish bin. But hikers don't follow house rules. By treating the houses on either side of us, we reduce the chance of hikers pulling prickles out while on OUR lawn!

    The gardening timetable told us that this weekend is the last chance this year to poison bindis. A bindi-loaded lawn is a very unpleasant thing in summer. Once those tiny plants mature, the little seed heads dry and walking in bare feet becomes painful. Every prickle is also a seed.
    A lot of the other jobs - also the things that should be done at the beginning of spring. I had difficult child 3 harvest some early snow peas. So much to do!

    Then difficult child 1 got home after spending most of the day with girlfriend, including doing the wedding invitations for her side of the family. I had told him to buy stamps - of course he didn't. So I will buy more stamps in the morning, but at least we had enough to post the first lot of invitations in the morning.

    So now I get to talk to you all - I am tired! I'm wrapped in a blanket wearing thermals and thick socks. Although today was warm, tonight is cold again. Yesterday's rain and strong winds eased overnight, which is why I was rushing around trying to get so much done.

    Enjoy your Sunday - it was also Father's Day here, so this evening the girls each rang their dad to wish him a happy Father's Day and just catch up. It was lovely. Of course, the boys had the chance to give their wishes to their dad in person.