A very good Thursday morning,

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. timer lady

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    friends & fellow :warrior: parents! :good_morning:

    The hmj is brewing up a storm this morning - trying out a new local blend. It's called Blue Moose or something like that. Whatever the name it a truly deep dark blend - if nothing else wakes you for the day this will.

    It's to be another day of the same stuff I worked on yesterday. However, there will be more laundry involved as kt is off to respite tomorrow; husband does his own laundry except his office shirts - I don't mind doing those at all. Before husband head to work this morning he's taking down the rest of the laundry that needs to be taken to the basement. I can handle the rest.

    I'm working on a water soluble pencil painting - it's a new medium for me & a whole lot of fun. I'm excited to see where it will go. I know how I want it to turn out but using this type of medium for the first time it will be a new adventure.

    I plan on the above a many naps today - my body is being hit with the viurs kt has so kindly brought home from school - husband when down with it last week - so I supposed it's my turn.

    Enjoy your Thursday - Sharon used to have such fun sayings for each day of the week - little much for me this morning. difficult children, listen to me - you parents deserve a break - no meltdowns or rages today. PCs wait on mum & dad hand & foot. Best I can do parents. :flower:

    Off to read a bit & before kt has to get up & moving for the dayl An extra half hour for the hair & "makeup" each morning. :angrygirl:
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    Good morning Linda and all to follow. :coffee:
    I hope you get over your cold quickly, they've really been miserable this year.
    I'm having a hard time sleeping. I'm upset about Duckie's behavior at Brownies tonight, it was over the top. I'm thinking of pulling her but I'm obligated at least through the end of the school year. It's a conundrum.
    Have a great day! :cheers:
  3. timer lady

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    I was a co leader of the brownie troop kt was in - ended up pulling both kt & myself due to her issues. It was traumatizing for the rest of the troop to witness some of the things kt "offered" to share with the rest of the troop.

    The council here worked hard with me to find a replacement on such short notice. I would neither put kt or the troop through that again.

    Hope you can work this out.
  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-I'm sorry kt decided to share her virus with you. Have fun with the new medium of painting. I don't know what I would do if easy child waited on me hand and foot-probably faint!

    TM-I'm sorry Duckie struggled so much at Brownies last night. Hugs.

    It was good to get back to work yesterday to get out of the house of sickness. Both husband and difficult child are home again today. I figure if easy child and I were going to succumb we would have by now (knock on wood).

    Other than work probably just a trip to the health club which is more than enough as I am very tired.

    I hope everyone enjoys a day with much laughter.:laughing:
  5. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Linda, I hope the virus doesn't stop you enjoying playing with the watercolour pencils - I love those things. I just wish I had more time.

    TM, I hope you can get some sort of answer re Duckie. If it is such an ordeal, maybe pulling her out would be best. Sometimes we push our kids socially when they just can't handle it, and it's really of no benefit under those circumstances. We need success, not failures.

    Sharon, I hope the plague finally leaves your house. Maybe get a dish and clapper?

    Winter has struck today. Sydney has been swept with cold winds from the South Pole plus more storms. They say this has been the coldest, and stormiest, summer for Sydney since 1962. The one blessing - we've had rain. The dams are now up to an incredible 60%. But we need the rain to continue to stop the levels falling again.

    difficult child 3 is trying to work hard, but struggling to keep up. We do the best we can, but it's looking like a homework weekend coming up.

    Enjoy your Thursday, everyone.

  6. tammyjh

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    Good morning all,
    I don't drink coffee so I went straight to my Dr. Pepper. Don't know why...used to hate the thought of soda in the morning..yuck! difficult child had a rough morning and it should be in a separate post of its own but I don't think I have the energy or the time this morning.

    Timer Lady,
    Sorry you have caught kt's virus. My 2 yr. old shares everything he gets with me so I'm thankful that he's not sick often.

    My difficult child was a Brownie when she was younger and it was hard for her as well. She finished out the year but that was the end. Hoping things will settle for yours.

    sorry you've had the sickies at your house and hope everyone is up to par very soon. Enjoy your trip to the health club.

    wishing you well on the homework struggles.

    Have a great day everyone
  7. dreamer

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    in kinda a hurry this morning- have to go to the military base, easy child needs to update her photo military ID and we need to get my bug it's decals for being allowed on base, and I want to grocery shop in the commissary today. It is supposed to snow again, later. Chose today cuz husband has appts there today and easy child has half day of school. It is not easy to get easy child tied down for anything. Such a busy kid. LOL

    Have a great day!!!!