A very good Tuesday morning to you....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Jan 22, 2008.

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    my friends. :bigsmile:

    I hope you all enjoyed the holiday yesterday & had time to spend with your families. We did little here....kt cleaned her room with-o being asked & then reset up the old keyboard I gave her. She's writing music. Spent a good 3 hours straight working on a love song that she feels will be a big hit someday. :singer:

    I made hot meatball sub sandwiches for dinner last night - something I've never made before & just happened to have the ingredients on hand. Didn't know how easy it was to throw together (okay the recipe did me proud).

    kt has no school again today - a break for the teachers to do grades & complete report cards. An admitted nightmare for the kids from kt's Residential Treatment Center (RTC) because of the amount of time with-o structure. It should prove to be an interesting day.

    I have nothing scheduled other than some household chores & paperwork I must complete. I'm not sure I have the patience, today, to urge kt into joining me complete those chores. In fact, I can get everything done in a couple of hours if kt stays up in her room & chills.

    I hope you all enjoy your Tuesday. May you complete all you set out to do; may your day be warm & blessed with love. May your difficult children be cooperative with no meltdowns.

    Hug your loved ones.:grins:
  2. LittleDudesMom

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    :good_morning:Happy Tuesday Linda and all to follow!

    Yes Linda, we did enjoy our time off yesterday. Both kids spent time studying for their tests this week. Other than that, we all chilled. I hope kt sleeps in this morning and you can get your chores done before she wakes. Then you can suggest she finishes that love song!!!

    I'll be at the office this morning, then the grocer. Then I'll meet easy child here at the house (she has early dismissal this week because of exams) and we'll take her car into the shop :wildone:. I think she has a bad switch in steering column because the key only turns the car on when the steering wheel is not locked. This just happened Sunday and I need her to have her car!! You get used to them doing their own driving really fast don't you? We should have just enough time to boogie over to difficult child's school and pick him up.

    The day is going to zip by. I wish for you a good day that doesn't bring any suprises unless they are good ones :cutie_pie:

  3. SaraT

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    Good Morning All.

    My day will be trying to get difficult child to pediatrician. She wouldn't go to school, complaining of headache, stomach ache and ear hurting.:sick:

    Not sure if it is anything to worry about, but gonna check it out just to be safe.

    Our day off yesterday was spent taking difficult child to swim practice, and husband and T(8yr old) worked on the cub scout derby car for the race this weekend. They are making a pickup truck, which is better then T's idea of a fireball on a flat bed car.:rofl:
  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, everybody.

    I'm still trying to get the hang of these changes. Plus, we haven't had a lot of time in the last couple of days. Yesterday was our 30th wedding anniversary and today was husband's birthday.

    Linda, it's wonderful that kt is writing music. Is she really writing it down? You've reminded me, we need to get an updated music software package for our computer, our old one is now obsolete. difficult child 3 has really used it a lot (and easy child, before him). It helps a lot, makes the task of transcribing (and checking it) much quicker.

    LDM/Sharon, I hope the car problem turns out to be simple and inexpensive. We're currently working to get BF2's car fixed so he can re-register it. The more they look, the more problems they find.

    SaraT, I hope you can find out what is wrong with difficult child. Do you have some school-type work for her to do? We always had a rule of "school work during school hours" even if the kid was ill. The only way out was to be asleep in bed. If the kid is even well enough to watch TV - we put on documentary DVDs! We're mean - but the kids knew to be genuinely sick if they wanted to stay home.

    My legs are still very sore from yesterday (exploring the tower at Fort Denison, that little sandstone fortress in Sydney Harbour) and so we had a lazy morning, followed by some shopping while husband saw his podiatrist.

    easy child 2/difficult child 2 was actually pleasant and stable this evening, instead of her usual (lately) paranoid and defensive self, so we had a relaxed and happy evening at home. difficult child 1 had dinner with girlfriend, he was upset because he dented a car at work and as he is still a new driver (and new on the job) felt very shaken.

    Tomorrow - husband is still on holiday, but we'll try and stay home so he can just relax. I think he needs it!

    The new school year begins for us in just over a week. I'm going to try to really enjoy my last week of freedom!

  5. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone:coffee:,

    Linda, I hope Kt stays in her room long enough for you to get everything done that you need to do. Hopefully Kt will have a "melt-down" free day!!! Maybe she'll write some more songs...:singer:

    Sharon, I hope easy child's car gets fixed ASAP!!! I hope the day goes smoothly for you too with "no unpleasant surprises!!!"

    Sara, I hope difficult child feels better soon!!! I'm sure easy child and husband are having lots of fun getting the truck built for the race!!!

    Marg, I'm glad easy child 2/difficult child 2 was in a good mood last night and all of you were able to enjoy your evening:smiles:. I hope difficult child 1 didn't do much damage to the car he dented. I hope you and husband have a relaxing and pleasant day...

    I'm very S L O W typing this morning as I'm really bad with computers and trying to get used to the changes. However, I can already tell that the site has been greatly improved. THANKS CHERYL!!! Now, if I can just figure everything out, lol...

    Today I have errands to run and phone calls to make regarding services for difficult child 2. It is a long, frustrating, and aggravating process!!!:grrr: Sometimes I just HATE being the mother of difficult children!!!:grrr: Ok, just had to get that out... It was a long, weekend and difficult child 2 was horrible for a good part of it!!! I'm glad he is back in school:bigsmile::thumbsup:

    As always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile...:flowers:....WFEN
  6. Calista

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    Good Morning Ya'll. Spent the weekend in Round Rock/Pflugerville with husband. We are supposed to be moving there and needed to go check it out without the kids. husband's job has "transferred" us from our home to the Austin area so I've been very bust checking out school districts and community activities. I think we have settled on Pflugerville for the combination of both. husband should have a couple other interviews this week in the hopes of staying where we are. We'll see....

    Ya'll have a great day. Here's to difficult child making throught the whole day...I hope...

    PS: Where are all the smilies?
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    Good morning. We didn't do much either. I should have spent time putting my siggy back in place but I was too lazy:meh:. Oh well, maybe today.

    We're lengthening difficult child's school day little by little so this week I pick her up at 12:30 and next week, she's back on the school van for their 1:30 pick up. Not much going on with her right now....whew!!:smiles:
  8. hearts and roses

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    Good morning everyone. I am also still trying to get used to the new changes here...starting to really like the look also!:thumbsup:

    easy child was home this weekend, I had to work yesterday, so...
    difficult child is back with MB and I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. she's supposed to be up and out by now doing some further job hunting, but she's probably still in bed.:erm:

    I haven't been feeling well lately - my body is sluggish and I am very bloated and tired and feeling run down:ill:. I think maybe it's difficult for me to handle the weekends when easy child and her boyfriend, plus h and difficult child are all home together. Maybe once our upper addition is complete and useable, that will change. Anyway, my feeling like p00p is probably from all the hubbub of the holidays. I'm due for my annual physical in early February, so I guess we'll see what's up then.:doctor:

    I hope you all have a blessed day filled with laughter!:rofl: