A very good Tuesday morning

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    Good morning friends, :good_morning:

    The hmj :coffee2: is brewing & needed this morning. For whatever reason I've been up most of the night & accomplishing a great deal of painting & listening to a new book on tape.

    I'm pleased that I finished the October challenge given by the artist's group I belong to this evening. I'm pleased with the outcome & the calmness of the scene. :painter: I've needed a finished painting I've felt pleased with ~ the last few I've either torn up or started over & gone a totally different direction.

    I've started painting my holiday cards (short list - just family). I guess I just need to rest after our vacation last week.

    The builders are coming in today to put in new steps on the front of the house (half tiered, wider steps) to accomodate my cane; that along with stronger larger hand rails. It's been needed & I've kept putting it off. My dad, brothers, & brother in law's are coming in a couple of weeks to do the back of the house with a small deck so we can add a wheelchair ramp if necessary. Sorry, I don't mean to feel so down this morning.

    Here's to a happy day! Hope your difficult children are cooperative, your commute easy & your co-workers a breeze to labor with today. :rofl:
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    Good Morning Friends,

    Linda-Looks like we we were posting at the same time. I've just copied and pasted mine here so let's use this thread. My coworkers a breeze huh-actually most truly are! Sorry you are feeling down this morning. Your painting sounds beautiful-I hope you post a picture when you are done.:painter:

    We're in for another beautiful fall day, the temp is suupose to be 55 and sunny.:fall: Right now it's a chilly 34 but I am snuggled under my electric blanket so I'm toasty warm.

    No appoingments after work tonight so husband and I will make it to the club somehow today. I also made my appointment to see an ENT about my voice. The first time they could get me in was election day on the 4th. I'll take a half day because I have an appointment at 10 and 11 and I should be able to vote before the appointment which should mean no long lines for me:)

    Wishing everyone a day which gives you many reasons to smile.:pumpkin:
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    :singer: Good Morning Linda, Sharon, and all the sleepyheads!!

    Linda, it's ok to feel down...you've been through the ringer and continue to deal with the limitations of your illness at every turn. Don't ever feel that you are a downer. Part of the moving forward is what is happening around the house - changing the front steps so that you can be more mobile - family coming to do some modifications. All of that is a positive when you consider the alternative. Glad you got your painting done - the Christmas cards are a great idea. The family will love them and you will enjoy painting them! Take care.

    Sharon, two weeks for an appointment!!!!!!!! Let's hope that your voice has totally returned by then and it was a fluke! Then again, maybe getting out to the polls at an odd time will be worth it! They are saying around here that 10 and 2 will be the least crowded time.....they are already planning on huge crowds. I'm with you on the warming - I'm sitting next to the fire as we speak! Have a good one!

    It's Tuesday so I'll be at the office for a while this morning. I'll probably leave by lunch. I want to head to the downtown library. difficult child and I were looking through this planner yesterday and realized he has to have his bibliography page done for his science fair experiment by Thursday- no web bibs, only books! Yikes! He's already chosen the topic, he just needs some information. I told him I would hit the main library for him so he can start researching this afternoon.

    After that I would like to hit Costco. easy child wants to go with me, but she doesn't get home until 3 - we'll see.....

    Wishing everyone a pleasant Tuesday :peaceful:

  4. Rabbit

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    Good Morning All Hope Everyone has a GREAT day!
    Hugs Rabbit
  5. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Linda, you sound like you've been productive with your painting - finishing your 'homework' and also beginning on your Christmas cards. Do you do individual paintings for Christmas, or do you do one, scan it and then use it to print them out? We do a generic greeting card for everyone, with a letter printed on the inside. I don't use a watercolour painting, though - instead, we try and get a family photo taken, or I use one of difficult child 3's lovely wildflower photos.

    Don't let your disability and front steps get you down - in our family we have a special place in our hearts for steps such as you describe. The wide tread with low riser is very easy to walk up or down, we found staircases like this in the palace of Knossos on Crete. The palace is actually built into the hill, the labyrinth IS the palace, an amazing, wonderful place. And those staircases - square, angled and all very easy to walk up or down. Lots of natural light, even three floors down. Staircases and paving all made of alabaster. Carved into the steps were drainage channels so whenever it rained the entire palace plumbing got flushed clean.
    So in our family, steps like this are called Minoan steps. So when you see your steps, tell yourself - they were designed 4 thousand years ago, allegedly by Daedalus, for the royal family of King Minos in his mythically fabulous palace of Knossos. You have something very special there. So maybe with your painting skill, see if you can arrange for a Greek key design to be painted or carved somewhere near the edge of the steps. Or some other design from Knossos, such as the dolphin fresco or the lovely blue flowers like forget-me-nots, in a circular spiral pattern.

    Sharon/WO, I hope the ENT can find something to help your throat. Maybe with all the politicking happening in the US at the moment, there's a run on the services of ENT specialists... have you tried lemon juice mixed with honey? If you can get a good honey form an apiarist, not the shop-bought stuff.

    Sharon/LDM, I hope the library has the references difficult child needs. Library references are generally more reliable. difficult child 3 had an assessment task last year that required him to find primary and secondary sources online - much more difficult than you would think, frankly it was an almost impossible and unreasonable task.

    Rabbit, good to see you. I hope you're feeling more supported and a bit stronger.

    It was a cooler day today. I had a rough night - so did husband - then an early start, to go collect easy child 2/difficult child 2 for our appointment in the city to check out a wedding reception place under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It turned out to be the same place husband & I went to just before our trip to New Zealand last year, the place that hosted the charity art auction that included a portrait of difficult child 3 done by a photographer friend. The place was NOT to easy child 2/difficult child 2's liking - it's a rectangular box, not at all decorative. Very expensive because it's on the harbour.
    We went a bit further up the road and asked at other places, got more prices. Ridiculously expensive, especially for something that easy child 2/difficult child 2 really isn't keen on. You pay a premium for the harbour views which she can take or leave.
    So now we have a baseline, some starting idea - A$150 a head, minimum of 100 guests. we've got to do better than that.
    Meanwhile difficult child 1's wedding catering is coming in under A$7 a head.

    easy child 2/difficult child 2's computer laptop 'died' last night, she was desperate to get it fixed so after we left the city we went to the tech support place where they fixed it for her (expensive). We did some Asian supplies shopping while we waited plus I had a brainwave and bought some fabric to make a fluffy red petticoat for my 'Stepford Wives' budget dress for the wedding. All I need now is to find a picture somewhere, so I can adapt a pattern...

    A long day, we got the computer fixed and easy child 2/difficult child 2 would have only been a little late for her evening class. I'm really tired, so id husband after he also had a long day.

    But one thing exhilarates me - I am walking better than I think I have in years. Still not brilliant, but I've covered a lot of ground so fat this week and although I'm hurting, that's all. I don't feel weak and shaky as I normally would by now. I was finding more and more, that I wasn't leaning on my stick like I usually do. Yippeee!

    Tomorrow I rest, until it's time for difficult child 3's drama class. I will try and do some sewing, I have a few projects to work on besides the petticoat (which is also intended to be a skirt - it's burgundy sparkling tulle with red satiny fabric as a lining/base fabric).

    Enjoy your Tuesday.

  6. trinityroyal

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    Good morning all!

    Linda--I'm happy to hear that you were able to finish the painting challenge, and that you're happy with the results. When you get a chance, please post some more of your artwork. We'd love to see it. And please don't apologize for feeling down. Having a tangible reminder of the limitations of your illness is a hard thing to adjust to. You have a right to grieve for lost health...it's a very hard thing to accept.

    Sharon (WO)--Two weeks is a long time to wait for an appointment. Hope the docs are able to sort things out so your voice can get back to normal. And hope you and husband have fun at the club

    Sharon (LDM)--Sounds like you have a busy day ahead of you. Hope you're able to find everything you need at the library. It's kind of nice to actually work with real books for a change instead of lists of internet search results.

    Rabbit--Welcome to the Good Morning thread! Nice to "see" you.

    We're fully into fall now. All of the trees around my house are turning the most beautiful colours. Alvin, the chipmunk that lives in our backyard is gathering nuts like crazy, and I've been harvesting the last of the vegetables and fruit from the garden before the frost rolls in later this week.

    Today is another crazy day. Some people from a company in Montreal who do the same type of work I do are coming in for a site visit. I have to drive downtown to their hotel to collect them, and then take them on a tour of our facility. After that, husband and I are helping difficult child get organized for his move to the new Residential Treatment Center (RTC)/Assisted Living site on Friday. Packing, throwing away tons and tons of junk that he's accumulated, helping him get used to the new lie of the land...etc.

    Hope you all have a great Tuesday!

  7. trinityroyal

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    Marg, you slipped in while I was posting. Good morning.

    The petticoat/skirt sounds lovely. Glad to hear that you were able to get easy child 2/difficult child 2's laptop fixed, but sorry about the cost. Your improved walking is wonderful news. Has your weight loss led to the improvement in your mobility. Great news!

  8. Marguerite

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    I don't think the weight loss has done anything to help my mobility - the problem isn't related to my weight. This improvement feels fairly sudden and my weight has been around this level for the last couple of months at least.

    I would like to know why - then I can keep doing whatever it is!

  9. Andy

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    Timer - You had your own private vacation last night. I am glad you are done with the challenge. Now get some sleep today.

    Wiped Out - Nov 4th seems so far away. Have a good day today!

    Little Dude's Mom - Happy book hunting. Have a resourceful day!

    Rabbit - Have a good day! I hope things go your way today!

    Marg - Good find on $7 per plate catering! I hope a place can be found soon for the other wedding reception soon. Glad you are feeling stronger. Get lots of rest tonight and tomorrow!

    Trinity - What a busy day for you and your family. I hope all goes well! Have a good day!

    I don't know if I have anything planned today. I forgot to look at the calendar yesterday (it is in the van) so hopefully no surprises. difficult child and I will study spelling words on the way to school. He didn't sound very confident about this week's words. If there is nothing on the schedule, we will be home tonight and I think I will make enchiladas.

    Yesterday I found some more lanterns at the dollar store. Wish these were the ones out when I purchased the pumpkin ones because they have no "faces" on, just plain little cute lanterns. I purchased 15 and will still look for the pumpkin ones when I go to Fargo on Friday since that is what the 7th and 8th graders will be looking for. I know I can easily give out 30 more with the older kids wanting them plus little kids that are not going to Sunday School but I see in church. I usually hand Sunday School items out to them if I have any left.

    Everyone have a great day today. Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.

  10. Good morning everyone!

    Linda, Your creativity really seems to be flowing. I know that your family members will treasure their special holiday cards. I'm so glad to hear about the new steps and the potential ramp. I agree with Trinity's sentiments completely. Don't worry about coming to terms with the changes in your health. Modifications to your home make this issue very tangible and real. I think it is a good idea for us all to look at the accessibility of our homes. I'm a big advocate of universal design - homes built without steps, with wide doorways, and sinks and counters that can be adjusted for use for those who use wheelchairs. Of course, this belief comes from my line of work - but also personal experience with difficult child and my aging mother. Ok.... off my soapbox :)

    Sharon, your weather sounds delightful! We're close to you in temps - but not quite to the 30's yet! Sorry you have to wait so long to get to the ENT - but I'm glad that you are going!!!

    Sharon (LDM) I know exactly what you mean about the mad dash to the library for references! I hope that your expedition goes well.

    Rabbit.... good morning to you ! Have an excellent day.

    Marg, It sounds like all the wedding prep is moving along. I think that the $7 per person for difficult child 1 is a wonderful price! The fluffy red petticoat sounds delightful - what an image I get. The best thing of all is your improved mobility. Do enjoy it! It sounds like it has come at exactly the right time with all the coming events on the horizon.

    Trinity it sounds like you have a full plate with your visitors and difficult child's upcoming move. I'm glad you are taking the time to enjoy this lovely fall that we are having. Hang in there.

    Andy, save us all an enchilada! Mexican is definitely my favorite. Good look in your search for the pumpkin lanterns.

    It is an absolutely lovely morning here. Bright sunshine, low 40's - just a crisp, fall touch in the air. The leaves are finally starting to turn - we have a late fall here. Ten years ago we planted a "Persian Parrot" tree in our front yard. It is not a common tree for our area and it turns three different brilliant colors in the fall. It's on its way in its color transformation and is a definite conversation starter when folks walk by as I'm working in the yard. There's plenty of work right now with all of our leaves!

    Yesterday was a very shocking day for all of us in our neighborhood. Our perky, "life of the party" 82 year old neighbor Sam unexpectedly and suddenly passed away Sunday. Everytime I worked in my yard Sam would walk by and we would strike up a fascinating conversation. Sam was an avid cyclist, and was the president of a local cycling club. He had cycled seriously for over 40 years and was the oldest member! He was in such excellent physical condition we all thought he had many more years of life ahead. Saturday he had gone on a long bike ride with his friends and relaxed later with a beer. It was a good day for him.

    We have a very close knit neighborhood and most everyone was at his visitation last night - and I'm sure everyone will be at his funeral today. Sam has an adult high functioning autistic son who plays flawless classical guitar. He was very close to his Dad, and I know this will be an enormous transition for him. One of our neighbors has organized an election party of the 4th.... we'll all be missing Sam on that day...