A very good Tuesday morning......

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    friends & fellow warrior parents. :good_morning:

    Another sleepless night ~ I'm so very restless & nothing holds my attention. :bloodshot: I'm sipping a cuppa chamomile tea & hoping that will help me fall asleep.

    kt has in home therapist this morning after school & then our day is free. Unfortunately, I'm training in a new PCA so we have 2 on the schedule. That should mean all days are covered in case of illness, vacation, school exams, the like.

    My husband's cousin came out to visit yesterday & we had a wonderful time. She sat & chatted while I worked on thank you notes. It helped to have the goofy conversations we were having ~ it distracted me enough to finish many of the notes with-o totaling falling apart. 'A' is a dear lady & I believe we can become good friends. Heck, just based on the fact that she loves to shop as does kt & she has no daughters. She took kt out window shopping for 2 hours yesterday while I finished up some business I needed to attend to.

    Have a good day all; hope your difficult children are cooperative, your day is warm & you finish all you set out to do.
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    Linda, I'm glad you had such a lovely visit form husband's cousin. She sounds like someone who could be very welcome in your life right now.

    We had a busy day today but husband did the bulk of the running around. We dropped my car off to be serviced then drove around to get other jobs done. There was a shop that husband had been told about by a co-worker, a food supply shop. And what a find! A lot of difficult-to-find gourmet goodies as well as some useful ingredients. Bulk spices at good prices, too. We took notes and left with a very small amount of some things to experiment with - truffled olive oil, sherry vinegar, some saffron threads and green Tabasco, which has been impossible to find for several years. They also have our favourite coconut cream as well. And all much more local than where we've usually had to go. easy child 2/difficult child 2 will be happy, she has been stealing our supply of coconut cream!

    Then we got the rest of our shopping done, got husband's car looked at to get a panelbeating quote (some rust and a new paint job) then home for a few hours. We also have been ringing up to get urgent quotes on easy child 2/difficult child 2's wedding dress - the order MUST go in tomorrow and we're still waiting on a comparative quote. If we've not heard anything by morning I'm going to have to get nasty.

    It was difficult child 3's first drama class for the year tonight, while we wait for the kids we usually chat but tonight one of the mothers had organised a weight loss group. After the class we went out for burgers (it's OK, I had grilled fish). And tonight for dessert, I had what is probably my last mango of summer. They're now getting too expensive. We have wonderful choices of fruit here but it does change a lot at this time of the year.
    It was really hot today, while we were out we were longing for a swim. When we got back home I catnapped briefly then helped difficult child 3 with his schoolwork, waiting for school hours to finish so I could take difficult child 3 for a swim. But by then, clouds were building and a breeze had sprung up.

    Maybe tomorrow. At least I don't have to go out tomorrow, thank goodness.

    Tonight difficult child 1 & daughter in law were due to see a solicitor about his car accident and the huge bill he's been sent that he has no chance of affording. I hope to talk to them about it tomorrow.

    Enjoy your Tuesday.

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-husband's cousin sounds like a gem! I hope you are able to get some sleep soon.

    Marg-Another busy day-your days sound so busy lately. I hope you get to the beach tomorrow!

    We didn't make it to the club last night. By the time our niece left we were too tired and it was too cold to go out. It doesn't look good today for making it to the club. After work we have in home for difficult child and then wrestling for him (I think we have a parent meeting so we both need to be there as husband and I are co-secretaries).

    Another cold day today. It's my day for recess duty in the morning. Maybe I'll luck out and we'll get to stay in door for the morning and it will warm up enough for them to go out in the afternoon!

    Wishing a peaceful day to all:peaceful: Hi if you snuck in.
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    Good morning, ladies,

    Linda, I'm sorry you haven't been able to sleep. I hope the Chamomile works. The visit with A sounds like it went well. I'm glad you have the added support.

    Marg, geez, your day does sound like it was hectic! Mangos, yummmmmmmm! I'm glad you have the day to stay in. Try to stay cool and enjoy it. Don't get too nasty about the dress LOL!

    Sharon, YIKES, outside! LOL! It's not too bad out there here this morning, but still chilly. I hope they stay in, too!

    I seem to be overloaded too. Have loads of errands. D's psychiatrist didn't keep up on her notes and his Seroquel rx ran out (nice of her, eh?) so I *have* to fill those today. He missed 2 50 mg doses yesterday. I have an appointment to get my nails done (first time in FOREVER - Janna is taking care of JANNA now :) ), and I have some errands, again, with B.

    I think we need kerosene for the heater. Have to stop for that. Grocery store. Library. Sheesh!

    I think I'll just join Linda with the Chamomile tea and stay home instead LMAO!

    Have a good day everyone.
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    :good_morning:Good Tuesday Morning!

    Linda, your post should not have been tittled "good morning", more good middle of the night for you! Glad you made a personal connection with a member of Steve's family. That will also be good for kt. Hope you are napping now!!

    Marg, what a busy day you had! Sorry you did'nt get that swim in. Hopefully Tuesday will bring a quote on the wedding dress and time for a swim!

    Sharon, sorry you didn't get to the gym yesterday but you worked out Sat and Sun didn't you? Hope the kids get to go outside today.

    Janna, I have been getting my nails done for seven years! I just gave it up last month. I'm trying to do what I can to save some money and I just had to stop. I miss it already!!!!!! Hope you get everything done.

    Kinda busy day today. Gym after dropping off difficult child. Then home to salvage what few things I can from the coolers and put them in the fridge. The serviceman fixed it, at least we think it's ok for the long hall, but said don't open it and put anything back in until this morning. I had four coolers and pretty much lost 1/2 the stuff from the fridge.

    Then I'll hit the office. Need to get in there and see what's happening. Bonehead and honey are out of town until tomorrow.

    Hope your Tuesday is a good one.

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    Good Morning Everyone!

    Timer - I hope you find time to take a nap today. "A" really is a good friend!

    Marg - It is always fun to find a new shop. Enjoy your "runningless" day tomorrow.

    Wiped Out - This cold is getting old isn't it? We had one or two nice days this weekend and then can't get used to the cold again.

    Janna - You do sound on overload today. On those days, I sometimes make my list of to-do's and go into automatic mode as I work through them. My non-easy child diva likes having her nails done. Enjoy your day.

    Little Dude's Mom - It will be nice to have a fridge again.

    Our facility did not move patients yesterday as planned - just continued moving items that are going to the new place. I was able to get signatures from several clients and faxed out requests to their pharmacies. I just hope they send back the info while the fax machine is still hooked up. Once that machine gets moved, it will have a new number so I will need to send that info off. Two of our copier/fax machines were moved yesterday.

    I boxed up some personal items yesterday - will go through my desk today to decide what goes and what stays. I will also ask the person making the new badges/keys when she would like to make mine. I don't know if I can get into the facility anymore without it?

    Everyone have a great day. Find a way to make your kids laugh.

    I have a class and a meeting tonight as well as finding time for some laundry.
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    Linda - I'm glad that your husband's cousin made it easier to cope. I'll send you some virtual backrubs and a nice warm blanket.:)

    Marg - I *love* Mangoes. Here in the States there is absolutely no variety, but where I come from (El Salvador), there are plenty of different kinds. Enjoy one for me before they go out of season.

    Sharon - I hope the kids get to stay inside. I know I don't want to walk around in this weather.

    Janna - Wow, you sound busy.:) I've only done manicure/pedicures twice in my life and thoroughly enjoyed them. I hope you have a relaxing time.

    LDM - That's a lot of food to lose.:/ At least you don't have to worry about it happening again.

    Yesterday I had a CT scan...no idea how it went. Today I have to start a liquid diet so that tomorrow I can get all kinds of GI tests.

    difficult child has forgotten his behavior sheet three days in a row now. Ever since the school decided that they would stop reminding him. I just e-mailed his teacher and asked her to put a colorful reminder on his desk.

    Both kids saw their therapist last night, and she says she sees definite improvement and maturation in both of them.:)
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    Andy - I didn't see you post.:) Laundry is always a good thing to do. I'm very guilty of leaving it until the last minute.