A very good Wednesday morning to you...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. timer lady

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    friends & fellow :warrior: parents. Sitting here wrapped in a quilt & sipping on my first cuppa :coffee2: hmj - enjoying it immensely!

    Another chilly morning here again in Tweedleville. Doesn't matter the temp anymore - suffice it to say it's day #10 with sub zero temps in the day. :coldday: Just makes it another cabin bound long day scenario.

    I have an early PT appointment this morning, a quick stop to the pet store for food for Sam, Sally & kt's fish then home to my personal laundry & a bit of paperwork. Most importantly a nap :sleeping:- my favorite pastime .

    Planning a meatloaf for dinner tonight along with sweet potatoes & salad. It's comfort food in this house & sounded good.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday friends. I hope all you set out to accomplish is completed. Here's to a day of angelic difficult children, a cooperative & loving family & you having time to recharge your spirit today. :dance::jumphappy:
  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-I hear you about the cold! I hope your appointment and errands go quickly so you can get that nap. As you know napping is also my favorite past-time. Unfortunately there is no nap in my immediate future!

    I've really missed being on the morning thread-this darn computer has been so tempermental and now we think it might be the modem? Once we get into a site it won't let us go to other ones and then it kicks us out in the middle!

    Another work day ahead. I'm just hoping it gets warm enough for outdoor recess-we had all indoor recess all day yesterday and it made for a long day.

    I also hope to get to the health club today as I didn't get there yesterday or Sat. or Sun and that isn't like me.:treadmill: Time to get back on track. With the cold and the broken furnace I just couldn't get there over the weekend and difficult child had wrestling last night.

    I hope everyone has a peaceful day-hi if you snuck in!:snowangel:
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :geek:Good Morning!!! It took me a couple minutes to go through all the new smilies this morning - thanks Cheryl!!!!!!

    Linda, hope you get all your "stuff" done early so that you can get that nap in :you_go_girl:- Peace.

    Sharon, :cutie_pie: it's great to "see" you this morning! Sorry you are having computer issues :throwpc:, there is nothing more frustrating! Hope the weather warms up enough for outside recess. The running time is so needed with the kids. Have a great day!

    Not much on my agenda today. Laundry and housework are on the agenda. I would also like to tackle cleaning the fridge (you know the big one when you remove and clean the glass shelves) and also clean out my cabinet under the sink. When I have a day like today when I don't have any outside errands, I like to tackle those "should have done a while ago" kinda jobs.

    easy child's car was actually fixed by the dealer yesterday - oh, did I mention it only cost me $428 :highvoltage::check_writer:!!!!!!

    Wishing everyone a great Wednesday - keep it warm :bigsmile:

  4. SaraT

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    Yes, I have to agree all the new smilies are way cool. :peaceful: Thank you so much Cherly for all your hard work.

    Linda, Hope you get your errands and appointments done so you can get that nap.

    Sharon, sorry about the computer trouble.:smashcomputer: Hate that. Hope you can figure it out and get it fixed.

    Sharon2, yuck, I hate doing the refridge cleaning. But, It has to be done, so here is hoping it is done quickly.

    Stay warm all, its cold here also.:temps:

    Not much going on here today, I actually get to stay home. Little B(difficult child) doesn't have an ear infection, but just a sore ear canal. Dr gave us some pain drops and sent us home. Her first swim meet is today, but she will be watching as she still lets her feet hit bottom of pool, and that would disqualify her. Coaches are working with her, and a few others on that and they should all get turns in meets soon.

    Have some :coffee:and a blanket, and have a good day all.

  5. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day, people.

    Linda, when the weather is so cold there's not much else to do but sleep, I guess. Meatloaf plus sweet potato - definitely sounds like comfort food.

    Sharon/Wiped, sorry to hear you have computer problems. I hope the kids get to go outside today for recess.

    Sharon/LDM, cleaning the fridge - oh, joy. That's when you discover the compost on the bottom shelf...

    We stocked up on fresh vegetables yesterday, we have enough left to cook another couple of stir-fry dinners and then it's time for more supplies.

    We had a quiet day today at last. husband pottered around doing various repairs, the sun was out but I passed on going to the beach. I vacuumed my lime tree instead - we get those horrible stink bugs in it, they can kill a tree so fast... they seem immune to pest sprays, even when I get up close and personal with the aerosol can, but the latest advice from the radio gardening program is to **** the bugs off the tree with the vacuum cleaner. This evening I did just that, with our brand new dustbuster. But cleaning them out of the vacuum cleaner - interesting. These bugs squirt a smelly oil (from all the citrus oils they ingest) which stings if you get it in your eye. I had to empty the vacuum cleaner into a plastic bag and then pick the bugs off the filter, without getting anything on my hands. Not easy. But I did it! Now we have a plastic bag full of big black crunchy bugs, scratching around trying to find a way out. The whole back quarter of the yard where I was working, stinks of bitter citrus plus whatever else these bugs secrete.
    But at least my lime tree is happier without those bugs draining its life. Those limes are precious - they taste better than anything in the shops.

    Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone.

  6. dreamer

    dreamer New Member

    Good morning! Seems we may have picked up some mild food poisoning when we took PCs boyfriend out for brunch the other day, so everyone is laying low here. These frigid temps are wicked. Had to go to a school meeting about an international field trip last nite and car defroster just was not working against the cold. Watching the news, I see a huge sinkhole in the city and bad ice jams south of me. Bummer, becuz of the food poisoning, we did not get the last newest 8 inches of snow shoveled, so now we are dealing with that mess.
    I have to LOL, Timerlady becuz we were going to have meatloaf yesterday, but I switched it to today when I realized noone was in any condition to eat yesterday. So- yup, thats what we are haveing, too, and oldest difficult child requested sweet potatos with it. :)

    Marg, your lime tree sounds like it should be happy, now, I love to read about your yard etc. I do not think I would enjoy vacuming those bugs, tho! (altho I have been vacuming spiders and webs this week)

    Again, thank you to Cheryl, I am still so happily surprised I can post here again, I have not checked out smileys etc, just so happy to be able to post at all.

    Happy middle of the week to everyone!
  7. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    Good morning everyone~

    Linda meatloaf sounds delish. We're having leftover eggplant enchiladas!

    Sharon, I hope you make it to the gym too and difficult child gets run outside.

    Sharon, I actually LOVE cleaning out my fridge. I throw everything out and it looks sparkly.

    Marg, I love the idea of having a lime tree - no chance of that up here in CT. I hate stink bugs - our office becomes infested with them every year for some reason. Ugh.

    Dreamer, feel better. I had food poisoning once and it took more than a couple of days to get out of my system.

    Nothing new going on around here really. difficult child is at home sleeping instead of job hunting. She's on E as far as money and gas goes, so it's just a matter of time before she finally feels the fire under her bottom. H stupidly gave her money last night, but he made her sign an IOU - lol.

    I'm working today - still feeling a little under the weather.

    Hello to anyone who follows - have a nice one everyone!
  8. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    Thank you and good morning from CA! I am so glad I found you all again. It's pouring rain and my car is overheating, so I'm in for the rest of the day, which is bothering difficult child, who apparently had all sorts of plans for me. However, I took a deep breath, and then another, and started doing dishes with furious energy. Have a wonderful day, everyone!