A very good Wednesday morning...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Mar 25, 2009.

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    friends & fellow warrior parents. :good_morning:

    Sitting here, sipping on my first cuppa hmj :coffee:. It's a new blend I'm trying out (mostly because it was on sale). It's tasting pretty fine this early morning.

    I fell asleep early & slept 5 straight hours. I think that possibly (fingers crossed) my sleep pattern is beginning to right itself. I'm finding what I need to do to help the situation (quit fighting the pain medications so the pain doesn't get out of control being the big one). A cuppa sleepy time tea, listen to book on tape or calming music as I fall asleep & don't fixate on not being able to wake in time to get kt off to school. It will happen or it won't.

    I have physical therapy here today & absolutely nothing else on my schedule. kt has only one staff in today as well. I'm hoping for a sunny day so kt can get out & walk Sally; then head out on her bike with PCA on mine & work off some steam. She really needs it.

    I'm still getting thru add'l paperwork that has come in for husband (thought I had completed all this stuff) & have some other issues to handle today & tomorrow.

    Hope yours is calm, peaceful day.
  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-I'm glad your sleep patterns are starting to right themselves. I hope it continues!! I'm glad you don't have much on your schedule today-love those kind of days. I wish difficult child could walk our dog. She is just not very good on the leash and is difficult at times even for easy child and me to walk. I know if she saw one squirrel or rabbit while difficult child was walking her he wouldn't be able to hold on to the leash!

    The rain has finally stopped (for a day at least). I thought it would never stop, I have no idea how much we actually received but it seems like a lot.

    After work today I'm taking difficult child to a therapist appointment., husband has a pt appointment, and then has to get easy child to her therapist appointment!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  3. Rabbit

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    Time for a quick Hi!I have been meaning to post an update for a while! Its on my to do list! I know u all know how that goes! Hopefully I will do it soon!
    Linda and Sharon and friends to come_ Wishing you a Great day!
    Hugs Rabbit
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    Good Morning Everyone:bloodshot::coffee:,

    Linda, I'm glad you were able to get some much needed zzz's:sleeping:. I hope you have a beautiful, sunny day!!! by the way, it looks like it is going to be sunny here - cold but sunny. So, when kt is done walking Sally, if you want to send her to my house, I know my "favorite sanity saver" would love a nice long walk too:cool_dog:...:D

    Rabbit, It sounds like you've been really BUSY!!! Hope things are going well!!!

    Sharon (WO), I hope you find a bit of time for yourself today - Since the rain has stopped, I'll think SUNNY thoughts for you...

    Things have been BUSY around here - Lots going on. Tonight difficult child 1 has a much needed therapist appointment. He has a psychiatrist appointment next week. It'll be his last psychiatrist appointment before he turns 18 - I can hardly believe it... difficult child 1 is almost legally an adult...

    We put the hearing for difficult child 2 on hold for awhile after husband's heart attack. We're now beginning to move forward again. Lots happening concerning this. Will have to start a new thread...

    I have to do a bit of housework, run a few errands, make some calls concerning difficult child 2, spend just a bit of time at work, pick up some fish for dinner, and then get difficult child 1 at school. difficult child 2 has his social skills club after school. After I pick him up, I have to make an early dinner for the kids so difficult child 1 can get to his therapist appointment. I'm hoping for a bit of peace and quiet later tonight...

    As always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today...:bbq::picnic: ... (Not quite warm enough around here yet, but it's nice to dream...) WFEN
  5. Andy

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    Timer - Sounds like you are getting a handle on a good getting some sleep plan.

    Wiped Out - Glad you will have a dry day today. Hope the puddles don't stick around too long.

    Rabbit - Have a great day today.

    Wishing - Atleast you know what is on taps for supper tonight. Somehow getting that chore done helps the rest of the day go smoother.

    Another late late night for difficult child last night. I now will have to check "Yes" on his therapist report to "Trouble sleeping?" I guess that includes getting to sleep. Once there, he is there for good. Last night he was afraid because he is feeling stronger and not afraid early in the day! He was so sure that was a sign that he was dying. He kept looking under his blanket to "see a light" like people near death have seen.

    We had rain much of yesterday which took care of almost every spot of snow. Even when I let puppy in about 10:00 pm, the ground was wet and no white stuff to be seen. This morning is another story. The snow has returned.

    The town 30 miles West of us is pretty much shut down with flooding. North of us Fargo has only the two main bridges between Moorhead and Fargo open and with the rain first came icy roads. A snowplow has already slid into the ditch on the freeway up there and they are suggesting not going on the freeway bridge because it is so icy. Glad we don't have doctor appts there today. By Friday afternoon things should be clear again.

    difficult child and I both have chiropractor appts today. Mine is for sore base of neck and shoulder blades. Then home for the night in hopes of a much earlier bed time for difficult child. He tried to be asleep at 8:30 last night and was closer to 10:30/11:00. He also has firearms safety reading assignment. I am glad it is much shorter than was given on the Thursdays we were there. husband is not home to help him so I am not sure how that will go. I might just have to learn a few more things to help?

    I finalized and made reservations at the places we will be staying on our Summer Vacation on the North Shore. I am picturing sleeping along Lake Superior - sitting down by the lake at night and perhaps seeing lights of ships in the distance. It is three months away so I will let my imagination grow until it can be verified with the real sights.

    Everyone have a great day! Find a way to make your kids laugh!