A very productive exhausting weekend.

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    Well, I picked blackberries for hours. The weather here wasn't very blackberry friendly this year. There were a lot of green or red berries, or dried, or moldy. It took 4 hours but I got enough to make some jam and cobblers.

    I make:
    2 batches of regular blackberry jam.
    1 batch of spiced blackberry jam. (need to find a recipe with a lot LESS spice. All you can taste is spice)
    2 batches of Strawberry/banana jam.
    2 batches of spiced pear jam.
    2 batches of pearadise jam (pear, pineapple, orange, lemon and marchino cherries)
    1 batch of carrot cake jam
    2 batch of Jamaica banana (banana and cinnamon)
    1 batch of monkey butter (banana, pineapple, coconut)
    3 batches of cobbler
    2 loafs of banana bread.

    I am going to do Breakfast Baskets for Christmas. I have a recipe for grahm cracker pancakes. It's 1/2 graham cracker crumbs, 1/2 flour. So I thought I'd make gift jars of the pancake mix and then give an assortment of jams to go with the pancakes. Now I just have to think of a few other little things to put in the baskets.

    I still have a box of apples that I picked at my Mom's to work with. With those, I'm thinking Apple pie jam, Apple carmel jam, apple butter and applesauce.

    Anybody else working on projects for the holidays?
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    I'm tired just reading your list!

    Other things to toss into your "breakfast baskets"... small bottles of premium olive oil, pure (Canadian, of course) maple syrup...