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    Well, I have good news. My daughter-in-law gave birth to a gorgeous beautiful baby boy two days ago. So my little (!) son has become a father. This is the son who got married about 18 months ago, and they lived with us for the first six months, and then every second weekend they come and stay with us. We all get on fine. She isn't the easiest of people but I have made a point of getting on well with her, since I consider it an investment for the future and my son is head-over-heels in love with her. This son is a easy child.

    Amazingly, she invited me to be present when she gives birth. Although I have eight children of my own, I have never been present at a birth. So I went. Her mother was there, and me too. She had also told me that if I want, I can watch the baby actually being born. So I did! I don't know how to describe to you what an amazing experience that was. It's already two days ago, but I am still on a "high." She was wonderful and I was very proud of her. It's hard to watch someone else suffer that -- it's almost easier to give birth yourself. But to see that baby come into the world was just . . . I haven't got words. What a miracle. A beautiful little boy, just perfect. I went to see her today in hospital and she is so happy, and the baby is just gorgeous.

    So, I wanted to share that experience with you all. Now I have a grandson who is younger than my great-grandson. The generations are going to get muddled up. How about that!!

    Love, Esther
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    Congratulations to all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!:jumphappy:
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    Wow!!!! congratulations Grandma!!! and to Mom and Dad! how exciting!!!!!
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    My mother was present for all 3 of my children's entrance into the world. She described it much as you did. I am hoping that when my kids have kids that they will ask me to be there. NOT soon, hopefully, of course.

    My mother said it was a magical experience and it made her feel a much closer bond with the kids. She was understanding when bro's wife didn't invite her to watch, but said it did make her feel less "close" to the baby. NOT that she doesn't/didn't love/adore my niece just as much as my kids, but she felt she had missed the bond of seeing her born. Not sure I can understand as I haven't been a grandparent, but you might.

    I find it fascinating to hear the different ways births are handled. I worked iwth a woman who had a 3rd "oops" baby when her youngest was 9. She not only had her mom, sister, 2 sister in law's, mother in law and her 9yo son in the room, she let her 12 yo daughter's friend from down the street watch also. Not on video - actually in the room.

    I hope your family has a wonderful time with all of the grandkids and great-grandkids!! I am glad you get along with your daughter in law - it really makes a huge difference when your parents like your spouse. I hope over time you ahve the relationship that my mother had with my dad's mom. They were very close.

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    I'm thrilled for you and your family. DDD
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    Congratulations, Esther! Another beautiful grandchild!

    I really wanted to be there when my grandson was born ... not sure if I would have been in the delivery room but I so wanted to be there. But it involved a 600 mile trip and taking time off of work, then he decided to come three weeks early and she ended up having an emergency C-section, so it just didn't work out. But I really envy you getting to witness the birth of your grandchild! How wonderful!
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    Congratulations, Esther. What a wonderful experience!

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    Huge Congrats Esther!!!

    I've attended the births of all my grandkids except 2. Each birth is very special. And oddly enough.....it seems to have created an even stronger bond between us.

    But you're right, I think it's harder to watch someone in labor and during birth than going through it yourself.

    Enjoy your beautiful new grandson!!

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    מזל טוב על הולדת הנכד שלך. אלוהים בחוכמתו האינסופית שלו היה כל כך שמח לתת לך את זה מתנה נפלאה. החיים במאי לברכה לאין שיעור ב לרצות את האל, ובכך להביא בריאות, חוכמה, עושר & שלום himself והמשפחה בשמחה.
    הרבה אהבה תמיד
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    That's a lovely blessing in any language, Star.

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    Congratulations, Esther!
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    LOL what Star said!

    But oh Esther I am so happy to hear your good news. What a joyous event! I have never witnessed a birth but my mom was there to see my easy child born on Mothers Day 19 yrs ago (this next week) and the happy tears and smile said it all...a miracle. Of course I think it's a miracle that I could give birth to a easy child not just difficult children lol.

    So happy for you all,
    Love, Tammy
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    Star* call 911........call 911

    I meant to put how I wrote it in English and forgot. It was late. Thanks.
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    Oh, how neat! What an experience! I don't think I could watch. I'd have heart palpitations!
    You are certainly the hero in the relationship dept if she isn't that easy to get along with-but she wanted you there for the birth. Congratulations on all counts!